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With the newer GOG version 2017.05.04_(11865) of the first Trails in the Sky game installed, my computer was crashing a second or two into the video after the prologue. (After the boy says, "My name is..."). This did not happen with GOG version

Crash logs showed this:


Using an old utility called DirectShow Filter Manager (which can be found at the VideoHelp website),
I identified a filter installed with a 2010 install of CyberLink PowerDVD 10, an old DVD player I never even used. ( resides in the program folder, not the Windows folder. Registered codec filters can reside anywhere on your computer.) There's probably newer, better codec filter managers out there, but I had this old one handy and it worked.

I uninstalled PowerDVD 10, restarted my computer for good measure, and no more crashes! The problem was fixed.

Note that there likely several other packages with DivX support that may register as well, not just PowerDVD 10. Also note that I was using an old version, and it's possible there's newer versions that don't cause an issue. But if you crash when the video plays, you need to look into this solution.

Note: I saw old posts claiming possible problems having codec packs using FFDShow installed, such as CCCP. I'd just like to point out that the current CCCP 2015-10-18 doesn't use FFDShow anymore and instead uses LAV filters, so it's safe. I have it installed on my computer.
Also, for Trails in the Sky the 3rd, the video that plays at the start before the main menu (if you don't click past it) used to get these large stutters. My above fix resolved that as well and the video plays nice and smooth now.

I haven't played any of the games beyond the start, and Second Chapter doesn't have any video near the start, so I can't comment on anything besides what I've mentioned.
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I have this issue (or a related issue, anyway) as well, I made a post in the steam forums about it as the developer actually looks there. It's a known bug, hopefully they'll have a fix soon.
So it's a matter of an incompatible codec installed??? Where did you find the crashlog?
Spielwolf: So it's a matter of an incompatible codec installed??? Where did you find the crashlog?
I don't recall exactly how I located it now. I think I had a standard Windows crash report window that allowed me to view the details. (This was in Windows 7.)
You can try using the utility I mentioned. Google: VideoHelp DirectShow Filter Manager
Download it from there. It's old, and no longer supported, but it works. (In Windows 7 at least, I never tried Windows 10.) Look for and if you can see what it's installed with then uninstall it. Though it's possible there's other components that could interfere as well, I don't know.
The problem is there's so much old DivX stuff out there, and it could be almost anything. They should've included their own codec/filter with their installs, or better yet use a different video format.
Good luck!