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I don't know if anyone from XSEED is active here, but it seems the only way I can lock to 60FPS is to use Nvidia Profile Inspector to force a frame limit in these games.

The in game 60FPS lock actually locks at 58FPS and so you get this weird stutter every second or so while moving. Automatic means the frame rate goes to about 125FPS, and forcing vsync through the driver doesn't work.

Running in Full-Screen mode works fine though. Since I have a work around I haven't really made a mention of it; but the gameplay is much smoother with the frame limiter in game set to "Automatic" and the nvidia profile inspector frame limit set to 60FPS (of course for displays with higher refresh rates you will want to set it to that).

This is the setting in Nvidia Profile Inspector:

Perhaps no one else is having this issue or is bothered by it; but I found this simple change made navigation with my party much smoother, then again, perhaps I am the only one with this issue. Anyone else have any weird stutter (in borderless windowed mode) while moving your party around on the map?
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