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This Post is, if you want a perfect Clear save for a new Game+,, for import of a future 4th,
, for a very good start in Nightmare or only to check with Item/Moster/Recipe you are missing.

tDownload he load the jpg File and rename it to0 '3 Saves for Trails in the Sky The'.

Save is on Normal on start of Finale in Hermit's Garden.
All Sidequests are done, Monster- and Recipe Book are fully filled.
Characters are about Level 130
With (nearly) all Equipment, Weapons, Quartz, ... (up to this Point in Game)
4 Zemurian Ore and some Zemurian Weapons

A Clear Data save using SVDAT001.SAV

A new Game at begin of Level 1 in Nightmare,
also with a lot of Quartzes
Full Inventory and Books where imported.

fine regards Richard

p.s. tihi is a copy with a new Topic Name related to the right Version of Trails in the Sky 3rd