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Install the SpecialK ToCS bundle by Kaldaien:

Screenshots and link to the pack is here under the first image:

To install, copy the "SK_Res" folder into the Cold Steel installation folder.

Also check out Drogean's HD textures here:

The original thread for this texture pack.

For now the pack focuses mostly on the UI. I may eventually do other textures, but there is still a lot of upscaled UI textures that are currently serving as placeholders (mostly pop-up text). I also want to do a bit more work on some of the various portraits.

Unfortunately there are a lot of textures that crash the game if retextured, so not as much can be done as I had hoped. I tested the pack pretty thoroughly and none of these textures seem to crash the game, but there's always a chance I missed one. So if this pack causes a repeatable crash, please let me know where!
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I just bought the game and I wonder which is the latest Kaldaien's Special K mod that I should download, since I'd like to add your HD textures to the game.