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I'll try to update this regularly so people can anticipate what will happen with the next patch.
This is the list of updates to the steam version.

Since the last patch:

The following are the updates included in the last patch:


- Save Folder Button Fix
- Save Configuration Fix

These two things should now be working. Try launching the config and saving your settings with the Okay button before attempting to launch the game.


- Minor bug fixes and adjustments

- Game will now run in borderless windowed mode if you select your desktop resolution and windowed mode.
- Please note that if your taskbar is currently on the top of your screen or side, this will offset the window.


- Borderless Windowed mode fixed for users who were getting an offset if their taskbars were on the top or left side of the screen.

- Minor bug fixes and adjustments
- Eagle Vision Quartz minimap effect now works
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I have no clue how long this changelog may become, or the post size limit.
The changelog hasn't updated in a while. I also haven't seen any posts asking about patches and updates, so I'd consider this up to date.