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WTH XSEED? No PC love for the Second Chapter? I don't want to buy 3 or 4 systems to get the complete game experience. Why wouldn't you release it on the PC where there's obviously a paying market?
EDIT: Seems Trails of Cold Steel is what's not getting a PC release. Still... >:(
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Wow. Post disappeared from the game board. Luckily I kept it open. It had -1 replies. Way to go GoG with your broken-ass web code!
Yes, SC does have a PC fact, the PC version was the original version.

Well, Trails of Cold Steel uses an engine that has native PC support and several games made in it have received PC versions. If the other games do well on PC, there might be the possibility of a PC port at some point in the future. The main issue is that neither Falcom nor XSeed is in the optimal position to port the game. XSeed because they only have one programmer and Falcom because a PC version probably wouldn't be financially profitable in their domestic market.
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