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I have finished both chapters.
I think this is one of the best JRPGs I have ever played (together with Crono Trigger).

The world feels consistent and alive and you have the feeling that other things happen while you are not looking. It is great that every NPC has a name and says something new after each step you take in this game. There is only one little thing I did not like. In the second chapter each chest does not have unique dialogue anymore when you look at them again. But this feels only bad because the first chapter did it. I never saw this in another game.

The player characters are also great. They feel like real people with their own personality. I also like the look of the game and I think those faces and emoticons show the feelings of the chars better than any realistic 3D grafic could.

But there are also 2 things I did not like:
- Those bracers should really learn how to arrest people.
Often it goes like this:
we say: "You are arrested!"
bad guy: "You won´t get me alive!"
We fight and our group wins. The enemy is knocked out.
We walk on leaving them behing and as soon as we leave the room they escape or fight us again.

so dear bracers, when you have beaten somebody then:
take away their weapons, tie them up, have somebody guard them and call for people who take them to prison.
Do not leave knocked out criminals alone in a dungeon full of monsters.

- I did not like some of the bad guys in the second chapter.
In the first chapter the story was great (maybe because the true bad guys were hidden).

The professer as the mastermind and Loewe as his henchman are good. But what is the point of the other enforcers?
This is supposed to be a secret orginasation, but I see a bunch of crazy freaks who try to draw as much attention as possible. Do they only exist to show us that it is a big and powerful organisation?

Why do the enforcers follow the Professor? They do not know his plan and they have no personal benefit from it (unless causing as much chaos as possible because somebody tells you to do it is reason enough for them).

Our meetings with the enforcers make no sense. In the first half of the second game they do something so the we will find them. They send some monsters to fight us. We win. They say "You are so pathetic." and they leave. In the second half of the game we meet them, we talk, we fight, we win and they walk away. There is no sense in it. In the second half of the game we do not even try to arrest them although they are members of a criminal organisation.

Our enemies have tons of possibilities to stop us and even to kill us. Why do they walk away when they have the chance to finish us? Why does the professor even help us in the first chapter?

If you want to test the gospels to bring back the floating city and become a god, there is no need to do it in a way that the entire country sees these experiments.
I pretty much agree with you. Plotwise, the entire thing about the Enforcers is just plain dumb.

"Yes, I do all these evil things to get your attention. Now that I beat you up, I'll let you live for a while longer to laugh at you."
Repeat 4 times.

"Oh, we fought again? Well, no matter, everything is going according to the grand master plan. See ya!"
Repeat 4 times.

"Damn, you're strong. I guess you do deserve to fight the Big Bad Guy."
Repeat 4 times.

At least, I thought one of the scenes after the final boss was really cool and redeemed a lot of the "mwahahaha, everything is going exactly according to my evil plan" nonsense. The evil guy gets away and... gets stopped in a spectacular manner. Score one for the good guys.