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About the cliché part, I agree with all the other comments.

I'm thinking that something very very cliché about Estelle and Joshua will happen at some point, even with the fact that they are almost like siblings(there are dialogues that are too straight and let you with 99,9% no doubts)... I don't think this is a spoiler as I don't know what it will happen, but you can imagine this automatically even with the first minutes of the game, because, it's very cliché.

As for overall, I don't think you'll be bored with this game. The dialogues are very well executed, NPCs always have something new to say, the plot and characters are catchy, the spells(Arts) and skills(Crafts) are cool(I prefer the Arts and common Crafts animations over the Special Crafts, though), battles etc etc

As for other similar games: Recettear(despite of dungeons become quite boring, like mentioned in previous posts. Actually, aren't the dungeons to be blamed, but the lack of variations in fighting with the monsters), Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone(damn cute game and very well detailed graphics. The combats are also cool but they can be a pain due sometimes enemies are just freakin' hard to fight) and Chantelise(same world as Recettear, but very different gameplay. I played from quite ago, but I remember I liked it too), I enjoyed all of them. And, of course, I recommend all of the Ys game series.

I hope more skills, arts, crafts, playable characters and a longer gameplay from the Second Chapter of Trails in the Sky, because I'm enjoying it very much. Oh, hell, I'm also expecting the Third Chapter!!! Although, I stopped playing it until the Monster Guide Add-on to be applied in-game.
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I really like the quiet moments. Like when our heroes take some time off at a lakeside resort to go fishing or drinking, or when they sit on a cliff with a breathtaking view of the ocean... I appreciate small things like that.