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I've been playing through chapter2
I've cleared every quests and subquests on the way...
but I'm still Bracer class 8.

I was curious so I did a test.
after reporting a quest, I earned 8 BP.
I talked to the guild and confirmed I had 8 BP.
Then I cleared other quest and reported.
Report show that I had 0 BP and for the new report, I gained 3 BP.

I don't know why this is happening.
This keeps me down... kinda depressing...

Is it a bug or is it fixed by a patch or something?

anyone else has this problem?
Maybe it's corrupted save data?

I finished the game using the patch, if I'm not mistaken, and I didn't find any problem(just found a bug once, but it never happened again).

Now I'm playing the game with the latest(bestiary patch) and the BP are being kept as well.

Or, did your BP started to disappear exactly on Chapter 2? If so, I'm still on Chapter 1 in this new gameplay.

Otherwise, try starting a new game, and do some quests, just for testing.

I see so many people having trouble to play this game, maybe this game is highly conflicting with newer OS(I'm playing it on XP).
Post edited December 14, 2014 by Arukaizer