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Today I decided to continue playing Trails in The Sky(I had stopped until the release of the Monster Guide, but I think it'll take some while and I just couldn't resist).

Everything was going fine until I reached my first encounter with Zane Vathek(while you're going back to Zeiss city, right after the spa event in Elmo Village).

Here's the problem: SOMETIMES the game just stop after Joshua gives the direction to Elmo Village(Zane ask about it), and right after Zane goes off the screen(to the south), nothing else happen. All the characters keep looking to south and the event won't continue, forcing you to ALT + F4.

Again, this is a random bug from this game event(I loaded my saved game multiple times for testing). So, a few tries resulted in the event progression(Estelle start a dialogue right after Zane disappear and the event goes fine), and other tries resulted to nothing(Zane disappear and the game kept frozen in the event, forcing you to end the program).

Just to let you guys know about this bug, so we can hope for a possible fix in the next patch(es). Oh yeah, I'm playing with the patch I don't know if this bug is possible in previous versions.

Best Regards.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I forgot to mention: I found this bug due I was lucky enough for the game to freeze in my first attempt. My heart was going crazy thinking I wouldn't be able to continue playing this game :(
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