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Okay, so I'm going through the last of my unplayed PSP games (I'm down to just 13 or so left LOL) and was going to do Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, when I realized I'd bought what I guess is the exact same game for PC on GOG.

Soooo for a variety of reasons I think I'll play the PC version instead, unless anyone knows of some horrible bug that the PSP one lacks, or something.

I'm wondering, does it support an Xbox pad? If so, does it realistically require it? It seems like it would be annoying to play with keyboard and mouse.
It does work with an XInput or DirectInput pad without problems (at least I didn't encounter any), though it does not require it.

You can play the game with mouse and keyboard, and you can easily rebind all the controls to your liking.
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I'm using an XBox Controller and it works just fine. Just make sure you run the config before starting the game because button assignments cannot be changed ingame, just via the config and the default isn't very good when using the XBox Controller.
Everything worked great out of the box for me using an XBOX 360 controller, but the Mouse+Keyboard controls are also very good - considering this was originally a PC game back in ~2004, that's no real surprise.

I'd suggest playing through the PC version over the PSP since this game is in HD (with the PS3 artwork) and has a revamped/edited script over the PSP game. From talking with Tom, one of the guys who works at XSEED, it really does seem like the PC version (when fully patched) will be far, far superior than the PSP version. Even as is right now (w/o the Monster Guide), I'd easily go with the game on PC.

Just remember that when the follow-up sequel comes out, you should really be playing it on the same system. So if you want to play TiTs: SC on the PSP and want your save data to carry over, you might want to play the PSP version instead.
Thanks guys! That's great. I'll play the GOG version then (when I get to it in my backlog lol)