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Where is the new patch for FC/SC? I thought they said we'd be receiving it here before the release of Third.
Good question. I'd like to know too.
Since the latest patch added some nasty bugs, I guess GOG is waiting for the next one.
The bugs have been worked out, but I can't pack up the FC/SC patch until I get a replacement for something that broke last night.

It'll be up as soon as it can be, I promise.
Is there a timeframe for patch release?
To be honest, I have no idea exactly, but they have been uploaded and submitted.
Well, thanks for the answer. So it depends on GOG now...
They'll probably make us wait until Friday so we'll have to download the installers that include options to install Galaxy.
YUUUS! It's here, finally.

Thanks, Sara!
There is a new install version dated at 2017/05/04, but no patches. Do we have to download the full installers again?

And the patch notes are missing as well.
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Thats's true. There's no installer for the patch under Backups & goodies yet. I updated it through Galaxy and it was around 580 MB.
My character's portraits got alpha-blended with distorted colours when I installed the new version over the existing one. I had to uninstall the game and install the new version on it's own to fix that.
It appears on the new patch for FC, for me atleast, there is a problem with the opening movie. A black box fades in and out on the transition to the opening movie after Joshua introduces himself. There is also a strange water like effect that happens on the screen in some instances. First noticable when the birds take flight before Estelle is shown. The rest of the cinematic also appears to chug throughout. This didn't happen on the last version to my knowledge and there hasn't been a change with my own setup in the time before, 2 or 3 days, and after the patch, now. Thanks for any answer to this as I know you're very busy.
Wow! I get the same results in crossover wine on my mac! Only for wine, that's actually an improvement! :) Before the movies would chug and desync so much as to be un-watchable.