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jiangshanruhua: I don't want to talk the difference between my country and yours.
It's not a simply question.
and I have no qualification and enough knowledge to talk about it.
But now Steam is alive in China and got lots of game fans.
with time goes by.
I think Steam will gain more China supporters and customers.
Why can't GOG be alive too?
SirPrimalform: I assume that for whatever reason the CDNs that GOG uses are in some way blocked in China. It's definitely something GOG needs to investigate, have you written to support?
Yes, I know the CDNs block exists.
one day, I suddenly found I can't download any games from GOG website directly.
and then GOG customer service tell me that's because of CDNs block.
so I had to found VPN support.

but now.
I have found the way to download games from GOG website directly without the help of VPN.
but for galaxy.
I have no ideas.

and in a China unoffical Steam forum
It was called "SteamCN".
I still Introduced other game players the notes about GOG and its DRM-FREE rules.
promoted them to buy GOG games.

I love DRM-FREE.
and I will support GOG.
I hope GOG will come to China and support Alipay soon.
because I have no PayPal and had to found shopping agent to help me buy the games.
Post edited November 15, 2015 by jiangshanruhua