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I noticed that I'm having some flickering in-game(not the "title screen flickering" problem mentioned in Steam's forums).

Actually, I'm having these flickering even before using the patch, but never gave that much of attention to it.

This flickering is almost undetectable, as it take a good amount of minutes to happen(let's say around 40~60 minutes) and it's just one black, fast flick.

I don't know if this is worth of a new topic, but since they're working into new patches maybe it would be good to discuss about this. If more people are having these flickering, this may be considered as another possible bug.

Maybe it's just my hardware.

Thank you very much.
Post edited August 03, 2014 by Arukaizer
I haven't played it in long enough sessions to notice it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was there. We are probably a few patches behind Steam, with the possibility it's already fixed upstream. I would cross my fingers and hope we get a new patch soon and try that.

I'd also look at V-Sync and/or the frame limiter options and see if that is causing your issue. Does the problem persist if you turn off V-Sync?

It'd probably be a good idea to keep a catalog of graphics cards from users experiencing the issue just in case it's a driver issue. It's a ten year old game after all.