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Consider disconnecting from the internet.

I got the game yesterday and I was having a lot of trouble with it. First of all it kept crashing whenever it tried to play the opening cutscene, but I fixed that by just turning it off altogether. Then I was experiencing random crashes (my internet connection was acting up yesterday, it kept going on and off) however today I added the game to my firewall exceptions list AND I wasn't connected to the internet and I didn't experience a single crash. Keep in mind my internet still wasn't back earlier today.

Then (and I know because I happened to be looking at the modem at the time) my internet connection came back and the game crashed for the first time today right at that moment. Up to that point it had been working without any issues at all.

I don't know for certain if there's a connection but it certainly seems like it.

It's worth a shot at least if you've already tried everything else.
Post edited November 06, 2015 by Dizzard.495