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I did like the first game and i notice the second chapter s on sale this week but I don't really remember the town npcs at all!

Does this mean i have to replay the whole first chapter again in order to truly enjoy the second? But so many different mini story lines don't know if I can recall all of them even with playing the first game again. (i do remember the main story line pretty well though and the plot twists though)
I think you'll remember them when you meet them again. I didn't remember all the NPCs when I started SC, but if you talk to them, I'm sure you'll be reminded.

I kept the first game installed and I had my saves, so if I wanted I could go back to remind myself of their stories. And also your bracer journal from FC is ported over to SC if you import your save, so you can check the quest logs if any NPCs were involved.
Well i bought SC. Beat FC in 2014. :) Let's see how bad my memory is. :D
Post edited April 28, 2017 by marcusmaximus