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(Trying to avoid spoilers, but unless you have nearly finished the game, you will still see party member names as potential spoilers)

So, you will fight him. This is one of those boss battles that you are meant to lose, but yet, it's possible to win. If you lose, the game goes on. If you win, you win bragging rights... and apparently, a few precious BP. I managed to beat him after a few tries, not being overleveled. This is how I did it.

The main problem is that in a battle of attrition, you will lose. He spams Tearal and Earth Guard MK2 like no tomorrow. You can survive his attacks, but he will heal himself over and over again and you will be back to square one. So you have to hit him fast and hard with everything you've got. Don't give him time to heal. Buff/debuff and throw the kitchen sink at him. Have everyone at 200CP before the battle starts.

Equip everyone with accessories against confuse and mute. At the start of the battle, have Kloe use her crafts against him to lower his defense. Buff Estelle's STR up. Attack/art him, and at the appropriate time (esp. bonus damage turns), have Estelle/Schera use their S-crafts. Estelle can do nearly 3000 damage on her S-craft (and he has 6000HP). Then keep using arts to try to bait him into using Zero Storm. It will interrupt spellcasting but does low damage and is much better than other things he can do. Also, if you see him casting a spell on himself, and Estelle or Schera get a turn, use their craft to interrupt the spell. You don't want him to use Tearal or Earth Guard MK2 on himself.

I only used healing once, and that was with Kloe's S-craft. Ignore damage and hit him with everything you have. This battle should be over in about 5 turns. If it drags on, you will lose.
I defeated him a few hours ago.

All of the characters were about lvl 32 except for Schera(lvl 34).

Here is how I did, you won't be receiving any damage this way.

The preparation:

Have Estelle equipped with Attack 3(there's no need for any Defense quartz, except to Schera, as you won't be receiving any damage here). If you have any or both of the Gladiator accessories, equip both on Estelle(I left both with Zane, shame me). All the girls must have Cast 2 quartz. Make sure to boost Schera's Speed to the max you can using quartz before going to battle, Action 3 is really welcome. Let Schera have one Defense 3 quartz so she can cast Earth Wall, and Mind 3 so she will have more magic power and Blue Impact(you can try another offensive Art here). Kloe will have Clock Up EX already, as she will be equipped with Cast 2 quartz. Make sure to equip a good offensive Art with Estelle, I've used Plasma Wave(again, explore your options here). Make sure to work your party battle formation as dispersed but yet inside a S radius, so S range Crafts/Arts will be fully functional. Make sure all of your characters are with full CP. There's a rare chance that the enemy will start the battle concentrating to use Anti-Sept All, so maybe you'll want to equip your characters with Glam Choker to prevent Mute, just in case the enemy uses Anti-Sept All before you can do something about it.

In battle:

In most of the times, the enemy will start the battle going straight forward and stop a few squares from your characters. In my game, I always start this battle with Schera as the fastest of my allies, or both Schera and Estelle. If you start with Estelle, make she use Morale. Schera, use Earth Wall with all of your characters in range(if Schera's speed is high enough, most of the times she will use it before the enemy attack you). Just note that Earth Wall/Earth Guard blocks Anti-Sept All from muting you(so if you didn't equipped your characters with Glam Choker, you're safe), but then your Guard is off just like a physical attack/Art does. With Kloe, use Clock Up EX on Schera just to make sure Schera will always use Earth Wall first than the enemy, and repeat it whenever you think Schera's Speed boost is about to debuff. If Kloe is free, always make her use Kaempfer on the enemy. Whenever Schera is able to attack, use offensive Arts on the enemy(I preferred Blue Impact). If any of your characters' Guard buff is already gone, use Earth Wall in your allies, or Earth Guard if only one of them is debuffed. With Estelle, I preferred using offensive Arts than physical attacks as I didn't got any ultimate weapons in this playthrough(I missed two Carnelia books), but if you have high attack with her, try what you think it's better to you. Keep doing this until the enemy HP is around 2.5k or 3k(depends on your physical power), and finish him with both Estelle and Schera's S-Crafts as Interrupt(preferably with Estelle over 200 CP and be sure that the enemy have his DEF DOWN and your allies STR UP).

You defeated him without taking any damage :D

I can't remember how many turns it took to defeat him, but it was kinda fast. Around 5~7 turns I believe. I left good quartz and accessories with Joshua's group(plus I missed both ultimate weapons), thus there are lots of room to improve here so you can defeat him even more easily. You can probably try to make Kloe to play the role of Schera using Earth Wall/Earth Guard Art, you're free to try. Just keep in mind that Kloe's Kaempfer Craft's STR & DEF debuff doesn't stand for very long so you'll need to use it very often.

I hope it may help you.

Best Regards.
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Thanks, that's interesting information. I went back and tried it that way. My issue was that I didn't have some of the orbs you had available - I only had low-level action and cast orbs, the good ones were in Joshua's group. So you do have to make with what you have.

Anyway, keeping the group protected with Earth Wall works pretty well. Clock Up EX definitely helps. He'll waste his turns trying to nullify your magics or attacking you with a ranged magic. The main issue is still what I mentioned in my first post: him spamming Tearal (2700 heal on a critical) or Earth Guard MK2. So whether you take the protective Earth Wall route, or the brute force route, you still have to hit him fast and hard. I didn't wait for his HP to be low to unleash the S-breaks. CP comes back quite fast. When I had the situation where he was DEF-downed by Kloe, and Estelle was STR-upped, and I saw a critical coming up, I broke in with Estelle, and she did 4000+ damage. Schera's following S-break finished him off.

I have Estelle with an Attack 3 orb and a gladiator accessory and her ultimate weapon, so she's the strongest physical attacker in the game by this point.
Old thread, but I just beat him. Ironically, I beat him when I got tired of resetting and was going to throw in the towel, go figure.

Having the attack 3 quartz on all three girls should give you an edge against him. All three of them have crafts that cause impede. So if your girls are fast enough, you can stop him from healing himself. Combine this with gladiator items on the offensive girls, he should come down relatively quickly.