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Hello all.

I played and completed Trails in the Sky FC on steam.

For DRM and ownership reasons, I opted to buy SC here on GOG.

Problem is now I can't get my clear save data from (steam)FC to (GOG)SC.

I have tried to get the save files from steam and transfer them to SC to no avail.

My steps have been as followed...

(P.S. my save data was not in the steam configuration folder for the game itself. Something to do with cloud saving or what not *sigh* precisely why i dislike DRM/Cloud nonsense and bought game here in GOG)

1. Found data here instead ---->(Steam folder)\userdata\(user number)\251150\remote\fc\

2.Copy everything in this folder. File example -----> SVDAT001.SAV

3. I found the save folder for SC on the configuration, so I pasted everything from the fc folder and put it in the ED_SORA2 folder.

4. Launch game with no problem but...

To my understanding, when you start a new game you choose your difficulty and then you are prompted by the game about clear save data if it finds any.

I get no prompt.

I am at my wits end....I have no clue what to do beyond this point.

If at all possible please tell me what to do step by step barney style, as I am not computer literate.

I am thankful for your time in advance :D
This question / problem has been solved by Nokusuimage
You should probably put it in FC's default save path and not SC's default save path.
(ED6 folder I think, not ED_SORA2)
Post edited October 30, 2015 by Nokusu
You sir/madame....


Thank you very much :D

I am now crying tears of joy for being able to enjoy this properly.