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I had the "The Perfect Package" achievement come up during the prologue. After researching it, it looks like this achievement shouldn't be obtainable until the end of the game.
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You're not alone.
Another possible achievements bug. The SC achievement "Blorf", if I'm not mistaken, refers to beating the sub-boss in Chapter 6 that you can, and normally would, lose to. I did beat him, but didn't get the achievement. Or maybe it refers to something else entirely and I'm just guessing wrong?
Okay, so I thought it was just my mistake, I did meet that guy again in Chapter 8, and beat him again. Still no achievement though.

Got another buggy achievement though - I got "Bounty Hunter" in Chapter 8, the one that you are supposed to get when you exterminate all the quest monsters. I got it despite still having a few remaining monsters to kill.
Finally got the "Blorf" achievement. You actually have to beat him 3 times, the last time is in the final chapter. My bad.

Now, on the subject of buggy achievements, two new ones... Master Chef I haven't received, even though I have all the recipes. I also didn't receive Blue Knight, despite having read all the books in the Calvard embassy (unless I'm missing something again?)

Anyone know if the achievements activate instantly like in Steam, or do you have to do something like save a game first?
For SC

I got the Bounty Hunter (monster extermination) a bit early too.

Some of the other achievements seem to be broken, and based on the steam reports, which achievements are broken seem to depend on which version of the game you're running.

I couldn't get Blue Knight from the initial version from release date, but I did manage to get it after the 11.26.2015 batch, but I can't get Breakfast Safari, even though I found them all in a single playthrough as well.

I'm also missing a few others, but since GOG Galaxy doesn't have counters, right now (still going through NG+ 100% playthrough), I can't tell if I'm missing something or whether it's simply not registering.

They are supposed to register right away.
well i just started the sc game but I'm just 13 hours in to the game and ill look for theses bugs sand let you all know and i think i got the newest updated ver of the game so that mite help you all too
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