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The game doesn't provide any settings and graphic options. On my mac (two monitors) it randomly picks a screen to be displayed on, which is pretty annoying.
It would be nice to have screen resolutions, display and windowed mode otherwise it's unplayable :( .
I meant to reply to this before, sorry for the delay. I'm hoping some of this will be included in Alpha 2.

Currently, you can change the resolution and windowed mode by editing the preferences file:

User settings for the game are stored in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Introversion\LastStarship\preferences.txt on Windows and ~/Library/Application\ Support/LastStarship/preferences.txt on Mac.

By default, the game begins in fullscreen at the operating system's current resolution. To play in windowed mode, a player must define a specific resolution (ScreenW and ScreenH) and set ScreenWindowed to true.
I'm not sure if that's helpful to you at all.
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Thanks, this kinda helped. It still opens on the wrong screen. If both screens have different DPI settings you can't move the window between the screens (because from Low->High the GUI is drawn offscreen).
You have to set

ScreenW 1920
ScreenH 1080
ScreenWindowed true
ScreenHighDPI false