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Was so happy when I saw this was released on GoG. I've been a fan of interoversion since my boxed copy of Uplink back in 2001 and bought everything they have done ever since and loved them all, especially Scanner Sombre.

Got into this title straight away. For being "Alpha 1D Vanilla" there is a lot to do and play around with. If the plan remains the same, and there is every indication that it will be, we will get updates around once a month on youtube and then hopefully pushed to GoG as well.

I've spent time mining, upgrading the ship, not so good at combat yet though I fear.

I have read reviews in other places people think it is way too expensive for In development, but just like Prison Architect, you are paying for the completed game. It's not cheaper now and then going to full price, or at least that is my guess. Introversion have a proven track record and along with Positech Games, are my favourite devs. Whatever they make will be instabuy on GoG and where possible, directly from them as well.

On first glance yes it does look like FTL, but there is so much more to it. Can't wait to see what is added in the next update. I've only had 1 crash to desktop when pressing the escape key to get back to the menu, but the autosave feature saved the play. Also if you want to change the screen resolution or make it windowed, you need to go to the appdata\local directory for the preferences file where you can edit that.

A good tip is the + and - key that can change the size of the GUI elements which can help.

Not seen many bugs at all bar the one crash to desktop upon pressing ESC and a few other things to do with missions, but this is the very first public release of it so there is alot more to come and knowing INtroversion, it will be incredible, amazing and innovative.