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The Last Starship has been updated to Alpha 4

Update video is on YouTube

Changelog from Steam:

= Industry mode
An entirely new game mode with new starting conditions and new objectives.
You are joining a mega-project to construct a Stargate to the Andromeda Galaxy.
Industry, production and automation take centre stage.

- New 'Industry' game mode selector in New Game screen
- New starting ship, which is more of a ruined space station
- Starting ship contains 'Ruined Equipment' which can be dismantled for Scrap Metal.
- There is only one Sector in industry mode

- Stargate Project in the main menu. Shows what parts require manufacture to advance.
- Currently only Phase 1 and 2 of the Stargate have been created
- Sell your Stargate Parts at any trade station to earn money and progress the project.

- Fabricator => Makes components out of raw materials: Frame, Motor, Coil
- Assembler => Makes Boxed equipment out of components (Eg Battery, or Stargate parts)
- Robot Arm => Automatically lifts components and resources into and out of equipment
- Track => Automatically moves components and resources along the direction of travel

- Gas clouds and asteroid mineral nodes contain 100x as much raw material in Industry mode

= Balance / Small changes
- Gas Clouds now contain 10x as much gas in non-industry game modes
- Hydroponics now uses half as much water
- Hydroponics now loses 25% of compost per harvest. Previously 50% of compost was lost
- Gatling Guns are now unmanned, and will automatically extend and fire when 'Battle Stations' is called
- Munitions Factory has been renamed to Munitions Bench, as it is operated by a crew member
- The 'Battle Stations' button will no longer show until you have at least one weapon system installed
- Added "--safe-mode" command line argument to start game in windowed mode
- The Install menu now auto-selects the next identical type of equipment,
and groups all identical equipment into a single row

= You can now begin a new game straight from within Creative Mode.
As soon as you perform your first FTL jump, creative mode ends
and you are placed into 'Free Roam' mode with $150k credits

= Steam Workshop
Updated subscribed and published items kick off updating local corresponding preview images
All previously-updated subscribed and published items, prior to the above feature, will have their preview images also updated

= Bug fixes
- Crew trade themselves and turn invisible if they are wearing the spacesuit nearest to a docking port when a spacesuit is sold
- Fixed: Refinery, Chemical Lab, Munitions Factory can be placed outside the ship or in walls
- Fatal error when the ship grid is clicked in spawn mode and no equipment is selected
- Hard rescue missions being generated early in the game (self-destruct timer/moving under thrust)
- [ and ] able to rotate ship without thrusters
- Fix audio glitch when mousing over overlapping buttons.
- Fix phantom crew members that block job execution after transferring crew between ships
- #41 Crash on hyperspace jump
- #20 Ship/Ftl limit - buttons now appear at top of the list and are always clickable
- #32 Crew is abandoned when jumping
- #15 Dismantling airduct leads to immediate loss of all oxygen to the ship