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On Win10, TIM3 (and possibly the other Windows-based TIMs, haven't tried yet) has an annoying problem: when it opens, it opens in full-screen mode (not a huge problem per se), and it manages to set itself so that it obscures (i.e., floats in front of) the taskbar. It also seems to "infect" all the other windows with this behavior as well. I can pull the taskbar to the front with the Windows key (or by clicking on it) but as soon as another application is in focus the taskbar gets covered with windows again. Quitting TIM3 returns the taskbar to its normal display behavior.

Any idea if it's possible to change this windowing behavior so that TIM3 interacts with the taskbar like any normal Windows program would? A little Googling around about this problem generally (not specific to TIM3) has not shown anything promising.


(Would attach an image but I guess I don't have the reputation score yet?)
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