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Hi guys,

I'm playing The Incredible Machine 3 and just noticed that savegames are stored in "F:\", while the game is installed to "F:\Spiele\Installiert\TIM 3". I didn't find any possibility to edit the save file location ingame.
Any help is appreciated :=)

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I'd appreciate your help, guys :) :)
I've this issue on Windows 7 SP1 x64 as well.

I've installed TIM3 in "D:\Games\GOG Galaxy\Games\TIM 3", but "timwin.ini" and "TIM.SAV" get dropped at "D:\"

Coincidentally, last week I found the original CD of TIM3 back. I tried it out and get the same issues.

So, it's TIM 3 which misbehaves.

Hopefully GOG's launcher could be updated to "fake" a path and fix the issues.