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Can someone explain the way the expansion pack works? I got the 3 games when they were on sale as a bundle, but I'm not sure how Guild 2 and Pirates of the European Seas tie into each other.

I'm unfamiliar with these games, and have started going through the tutorials in Guild 1, but I fired up the other two games to see what was in store for me. Both Guild 2 and the expansion seem pretty much the same, with the same scenarios seemingly appearing in the list when starting a new game.

The manual for Pirates says you need an installed version of Guild 2, but gog's version doesn't seem to have that requirement.

I'm just a bit confused here. Does Pirates include everything Guild 2 had, plus more? Should I have installed Pirates into the same directory as Guild 2? Is Guild 2 obsolete and I should just run from Pirates install instead?

Guild 2 is pretty funny. I tried a game and right off the bat as a rogue, I hired someone and they were immediately attacked and killed, I was beaten within an inch of my life, tossed in a sack, and thrown into the thieves guild dungeon and held for ransom! Dangerous place, this city. I kept refusing to pay the ransom, expecting them to kill me, but eventually they just gave up and let me go.
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