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Hmm, I'll try downloading it somewhere other than program files then.
I haven't looked at the save (I'm not signing up for some site I'll never use again to d/l it), but Patrician is a title that you receive from, I dunno, the King or Emperor or somebody when you have enough wealth. Are you sure it's not just saying that you need to be a Patrician to continue training, or is Patrician also used as a title for one of the ranks for landlords? If so, that seems needlessly confusing.

[Edit: Just remembered I had the manual downloaded, and it's very detailed. Looks like the next rank is Publican. So, is it saying something about Publican, or Patrician? If the former, you do seem to have hit some bug; if the latter, you may need to just wait until you've earned more money.]
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CandiedJester: Hmm, I'll try downloading it somewhere other than program files then.
Found the time to check your games, and it seems it's a weird decision on the game's part.
Once you finish training, you will get an audible announcement, and a notification on the bottom right. Until you read the notification, you are still considered to be "In Training", even though it seems that you do have all the perks of the new rank. Not sure if you have to left click on the notification and get the visual "diploma" as well, or if you can right-click to dismiss it, but this did work with the second save, the one right after you gained the rank.
Try it and tell us if this work, otherwise it's back to the drawing board.
Holy crap, it worked! I can't believe it was something so simple.
I had been totally ignoring those notifications (thinking I don't need to read something that I've already been told by the announcer).

Thank you so so much!!
That is utterly bizarre. Nice job catching that!
I had this several times too, I think I just must have read the message sometimes and not realised!

Well nice catch on the bug.