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Yesterday evening, the Games in Development version has been updated. Here is the changelog. (you can find it in the announcement section as well):

Patch notes for Patch Version: 0.018C on September, 28th 2017

Bug Fixes:
- The business menu no longer closes after a non-selected employee leaves the business;
- The game no longer remains in a Pause status after re-loading a game;
- Enabled "+" & "-" buttons in the options menu for the sounds & textures quality & reconnected 3 levels of quality textures;
- Modified the description of the extra "Front Store Slots" in the addon menu;
- Corrected multiple misspellings for both German & English strings;

- Selling items in the frontstore could generate too much xp in short time, if the demand for that item in the population was high

- Characters: Textures adjustments & skinning fixes
- Scenario map Magdeburg: Small road fix in a market

In order to make sure that you have the best experience possible, during the upcoming weeks, we will focus on optimization & bug fixes. Furthermore, we will be releasing patches on a regular & frequent basis. We are also working hard to make a FAQ which will include known issues:
Thank you for your support!
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My current Bug List. - play 1 crash ending.

Current Gameplay - London Freeplay - Bugs

Social Interactions
*Complimenting someone repeatedly 3x, the Npc starts to use the 'fight' animation against your character. They seem to be very aggressive despite what you are trying to do, even if it is your first time meeting them.
*Random encountered NPCS that are fighting, do not make any noises. Or symbolize a conflict.
*Characters are harder to get to, when pathing from your house to the market, when you go to compliment someone along the way. It first runs to the market and then back to the person before complimenting them.
* The character does not click to travel to locations to meet people. So the NPCS to choose from are never in range.
*Females in creation and gameplay have male voices.
*Females selecting tasks, still use male voices.
*Pathing slows when running by single predestrian even though there is plenty of room to go around.
*NPC names are heavily recycled. Almost everyone has the same name.

*Camera Panning
Up and Left panning camera doesn't work very well you must bounce the mouse off the top, and left side of the screen constantly for it to pan. Down and right pans perfect.
*When clicking on buildings the camera view bounces and slides, same with npcs, and moves weirdly between buildings. When clicking on your character on a bridge, the camera scrolls to the water. When clicking something in the same location as previous. The camera jumps and lands right back where it was.
***it would be better to just leave the camera stationary, and permit scrolling.

*Pressing M while trying to type in a save name opens the map. You have to close before you can complete the save.
*Storage does not allow you to move items around, within the same window.
*Double clicks on storage partial stacks 4/20 example loads 24 into the 'amount held' instead of just 4.
*Intro Words the last line is cut off "live and ...." from text box.
*Pressing C or clicking on character for the character sheet, does nothing if the character is moving..
*Addon Disease Protection is missing temp icon.
*Event logs are hover-tooltips which do not show everything that the event says. Several of them are cut off, and with them being in 'hover' mode. Moving your mouse away to try and scroll does not allow you to read it as it just closes. Clicking the event should open a seperate window or lock the tooltip to allow scrolling to read what it says.
*Windows for both shops, houses and markets close while workers are still there, and you tell them to return home. Making you have to reopen the same window multiple times to send everyone home. It should just stay open.

Metalworking & Crafting
*Unable to equip weapons you create into your character's gearslot.
*Crafting with a character that has inventory at the start would be nice. Instead needing to move it into house storage. If you have access to the materials in your inventory, it shouldn't matter where the materials are stored you should be able to craft.

*Materials run out very fast, npc's are not taking advantage of restocking the market Which leads to a serious shortage very early on in the game within 20 minutes of starting.
*Does not show up as a building when trying to set up routes.

Skill tree
*you are able to select higher then you actually are.
*A few shops do not recognize what rank you are, so they do not allow you to build.
*It does not allow you to scroll down the tree. So an entire catagory is locked off.

Routing - More complex then it needs to be.
*Routing causes a crash just by clicking 'accept for change' when you click on your house banner.
*Most of the menu's appear to be locked under the tab.

Building your first business
*Location problems, the scrolling to place your property becomes very weird and you can not pan your camera very easily.
*Some buildings are not recognizing your ranks, making it harder to build anything at the start. Even after you put 1000/xp into the very starter rank.
*The entire menu needs an overhaul, the navigation by icons without a hover tooltip makes it harder to know what building falls under which catagory.

Crash - After opening the routings system in a new business craftsman workship.. I clicked on the first location shield. A window popped up asking me if I wanted to 'save' the changes. I clicked accept even though nothing was changed. This caused the game to crash.

I did my best to try and catagorize the bugs, I will be posting more as I play with the different maps/senarios/characters/professions, ending with what crashed the game. Because the guild series is one of my favorites and I am very good at finding bugs. I really get annoyed with beta testers, and early access members who ruin games by not reporting every and all problems they encounter. It kind of ruins really good games.

Suggestions: This game really needs the ability to click to move your character, the lack of being able to control where your character goes makes the game feel very limited. Less fun, and does not allow you to truly explore.

Play Test 2
Career Mode London

*Giving Gold to an NPC crashes game, when following compliments (every other between 2 npcs)

Play Test 3
Career Mode Apoth Augsburg
*Scribe, Thief and Lang's tooltips are off the bottom of the screen.

*Gathering Blueberries, character gets stuck on bridge. Everything else is moving, Npc's pass character by. But character is completely unresponsive. When trying to call character home. Occured after saving game. (possibly by deleting a previously saved game, then resaving) fixed on relaunching of game.
*Adult Male Characters have the voice of children.

Play Test 4
*Multiple love affairs, prompting a window to cancel it. causes another crash.

*Children are randomly born, without family planning. Or 'trying' for a child. This allows absolutely no control on when you plan for children, thus your line could end prematurely. This is both a good and bad thing, it should be togglable for 'trying' and not trying. With no pregnancies when you aren't trying. As well as a higher % when you are. :)

*The house acting like a shop does not show you the rest of your family members when married, I am not 100% sure this is intentional. As they could be controlled in other versions of the guild. While I get realistically you can't control someone else. At least having a viable way to work with your family in the household business should be permitted.

*when trying to reset your worker's scripts because they only perform one cycle. You have to send them to the market place in order for them to return to their workshops. They idle after you send them out to gather after 1 cycle and become unusable. Currently the only way to reset their script.
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Hey Airoastarhy,

thanks a lot for your detailed feedback. It would help GolemLabs a lot if you could enter the bugs into our Redmine bugtracker:

We would appreciate that. Thank you.

We haven't finalized our voice recordings. So every voice you hear at the moment are temporary.
We are in the middle of replacing the complete UI. You notice a mixture of old and new elements. We are on that.

Thanks again for your input!
Scandal781: Hey Airoastarhy,

thanks a lot for your detailed feedback. It would help GolemLabs a lot if you could enter the bugs into our Redmine bugtracker:

We would appreciate that. Thank you.

We haven't finalized our voice recordings. So every voice you hear at the moment are temporary.
We are in the middle of replacing the complete UI. You notice a mixture of old and new elements. We are on that.

Thanks again for your input!
Thank you, I have been submitting them on the forum as well.

So far almost every action under the thief tree as far as employee's go is broken. While your character is fine as a thief. Your employee's are not so lucky. They are breaking scripts causing npc's to idle in the streets, running in place stance/mesh stuck when toggling between ambush and attack.

On the off chance that it actually 'works' which is between 5-10% of the time when you get the option to break bones, release or steal the npc's run off before you have a chance to select anything. Then when you do nothing happens. There is no current reward for playing in this mode.

Npc's that you assign to jugglary often get ignored, and you have to keep applying the same cycle. so the 20 second animation has to be continously needs to be reapplied.

Npc's you ambush, often ignore you and then just stand there staring at your employee, So far out of the 30-40 attempts I have seen them actually fight once. Even with 'winning' the duel that didn't go over so well since it ran off before I could get any reward or decide what to do with my prey.