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Let me express that I like this game although it really isn't my genre. I'm slowly getting into the game and hope I'll emerge victorious (in the campaign mode) one day.

That said, fixes for the following problems would be appreciated:

— Scout keeps getting stuck at the front porch of houses

— When dying and getting the map retracing my journey, I sometimes can't click 'continue' as the text is written over and block the button.

— Similar nuisance in the main menu when controls are explained 'on top' of other menu items

— When an item to craft needs four ingredients, I don't see the fourth ingredient in the recipe list (or rather, I just see the top pixels of the icon)

— raft controls with WASD/mouse should feel just as smooth as with a controller. You've made a PC game, for crying out loud!

— I encountered one ugly crash yet, just 15 minutes into the game, when I first played.

I'm playing on a 5:4 monitor at 1280x1024 (that may help the devs to place some of those problems I guess :p )

Hope you can address this stuff soon! I assure you, we GOG folks aren't just interested in regional pricing and DRM. :)
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I started two times the game, but after a few minutes, the game crashes. :(
Also: Weren't there supposed to be extra dog models? Or was that just for Kickstarter backers?
Hello !

I really like this game, but there are some annoying bugs !

1) quick inventory buttons don't work, i have to change my keyboard type azerty/qwerty (Alt+Maj) to make it work
2) even with this help it is too long to react in front of a simple boar
3) i played the campaign in the traveller mode ("voyage" in french) and my save was lost. The game saved when i slept, but when i died (because of the boar in n°2) i had to restart from the beginning ; that is not my idea of a savegame.

Maybe the 2) and 3) are not bugs but they downgrade my game...

P.S. : sorry for my engrish, i'm French and it is late.
Here is my contribution to these sad listings:

Bugs I share with my fellow survivors/travellers

1) Crafting window won't show more than 3 ingredients.
Any ingredient listed after that is truncated at the end of the listing area.
I'm playing with a 1920 × 1280 screen resolution.

2) Mouse right-click won't respond on occasion.
Occasionally, at the start of a game, right-clicking the first bonfire to interact with it has been impossible. I have to run around and interact with other things first, then return to the bonfire and only this way I have been able to use it.
I'm playing with a regular 3-button mouse.

3) Continue button missing after death.
After a checkpoint, only recently I have been able to see the orange "continue" button on the lower right hand side of the "death screen". Until then, when I died, I had to re-start the game from the very beginning.
This behaviour was constant on any death after the very first checkpoint and before the second. From the second checkpoint onward I could see the "continue" button.

Bugs I shoulder alone (for the moment)

1) The river turns into land.
Water areas become land but only in appearance. The river is still "functioning" as river underneath but it is impossible to see where the raft is going (See screencaptures attached).

2) River features dissapear.
Houses, islands, floating debris, etc. dissapear and you can only see the disturbed waters where they're supposed to be, but functionally they are still there since I can crash against this invisible obstacles (See screencapture attached).

Annoyances I wish were bugs but probably aren't

1) When we die we have to go through the exact same introduction to the characters and preparations every time?
I hope this is a bug because after 5 or 6 of these deaths the tender intro where we meet our trusty scout dog starts to feel less charming.
UPDATE: It was indeed a bug (see point 3 under "Bugs I share...").

2) The game bear-hugs computer's resources.
I meet and surpass all minimum specs and the game still is smothering my poor machine.

My computer's specs:
iMac 21.5-inch, Late 2012
Processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M 512 MB
Software OS X 10.9.5 (13F34)
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Vainamoinen: Also: Weren't there supposed to be extra dog models? Or was that just for Kickstarter backers?
There is one extra dog model in the game now. You have to go into "Scout options" and you will see the other dog model.

Unfortunately, the game still refers to "Aesop's inventory" rather than "Daisy's inventory" (Daisy is the name of the other dog model...)
General Annoyance:

I cannot change the controls layout.

For some reason, they even went out of their way to misuse the unreal engine so I cannot even edit the ini files to do it :S