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So recently my computer's harddrive crashed but I was able to save my files, however not my shortcuts, and when I put my files back on my computer I couldn't find the executable to Feeble Files in the GOG folder, so rather than reinstall the game I just added it to my ScummVM however now the game won't allow me to save...I can load my old saves but when I try to save, I type in my save game name and hit enter and it acts like it saved but then its not there when I go try to load it...Any answers, or if I redownload/reinstall will I lose my saves I already have?
This question / problem has been solved by Namurimage
The unistaller gives you an option to keep your saved games but you can manually backup your saves just in case and then reinstall.

The save files are named feeble.001, feeble.002, etc.
Thanks, it worked :)
No problem ;)