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koolking1: Hello,

I bought FF a few weeks ago and put it on a DVD for storage purposes. I am now trying to install it. When I try to do that from my DVD, the file checking from FF will only go about 25% of the way and then it hangs and won't continue. I try to install without the file check and keep getting a CRC error message.

I tried to re-download from GOG but the first bin file keeps quitting on me with a message that says, roughly, the server reset itself.

It seems I can't install FF from my DVD and I can't re-download the big bin file to try to install directly from my hard drive.

I have WinXP Pro and 2 Gigs of RAM.

I also tried to download the DirectX from June 2010 but it quit in the middle as well.

Can anyone help?

Have you sent in a request to support?