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************Episode 1****************

I will try and keep each video to a length between 1 and 1 1/4 hours. Feel free to comment!

we work through most of the tutorial portion
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*******Episode 2************

We get the Dwarf back, and "lose" the Thief.(to the amulet)
We complete the tutorial and begin the full exploration.
Finding an arms room, we pilfer it!
We find a merchant, and pilfer the store!

**************Episode 3**************

We fight alongside the Minstrel,
We fight alongside a Priestess and recover our Thief!
We recruit....a new member
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*************Ep 4******************

Cheese Wheels, IOUs and Chickens! The wondrous life of adventurers!
Episode 5

We finish and turn in the great chicken hunt quest!
we get and finish a godly quest ????
we gain access to the 4th floor and learn about our amulet
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Episode 6

We find and return Moo to Binsc
we explore a bit and run into a room full of Orcs
our Rgr gets a bad potion and now apparently smells worse than the ogre...
so now we are searching for the merchant who sold us the bad potion...
Episode 7

we find the merchant and drink ANOTHER...potion...????
we gain access to the 4th floor
we encounter Goblins on Ice..
Episode 8

that blasted talking 1/2 Goblin keeps running away!
some kind of gigantic electronic golems, and more...
Episode 9

FINALLY! We get that key
then we get drunk
then we get sic
then we get...
Episode 10

UNDEAD! (I think)
We find some intriguing statues
We gain some useful gear and we head for the caves!
Episode 11

The Umbrella!
Rats, its not THE umbrella,
MORE spiders!

Episode 12

Holy crap! Ran into a buzz saw and we got cremated.
Reloaded an autosave, went back to the tavern and slept to heal everyone.
We got the butterfly wings and the potion to resist the orcs spell, and we have a side quest for the priestess, which got us dead. lol (Save her cousin Eugene from his debauchery) We may also have the option of handling the spiders, vs getting the gardener a troll. Perhaps we can go kill the spiders ourselves? (Natural enemy of the spiders apparently)

Do we;
(A) continue with main quest and level up before returning for Eugene
(B) try again for Eugene before continuing on main quest
(C) kill the spiders ourselves to help the gardener, and then do A
(D) kill the spiders ourselves to help the gardener, and then do B
Episode 13

Rested to heal, then...
1) back to the garden for the spiders
2) Upstairs to Oktobearfest
3) an unexpected encounter/battle on our way back to the tavern!
Thanks for the share. May Grumpy learn to use the minimap...
ERISS: Thanks for the share. May Grumpy learn to use the minimap...
lol...I sorta use it...sometimes...sorta
Episode 14

OK, the delay between Ep 14 and 15, partially dues to RL scheduling and partially due to failing the next combat encounter, 4 times so...

1) Used Potions of Oblivion and reset all Attribute and Skills
2) assigned ALL lvl up attribute points, to each characters AGILITY. This is suggested by multiple comments found on multiple forums for the game.
3) Failed this time around the 1st time but came closer than I had before so, reloaded the battle and then was successful...

4) Defeated Splat Payjak and Vanna. (the Wheel of Misfortune)
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