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V1.5.0 (26 June 2020)

Release Notes
- Random Map Generator! Procedurally generate maps with various settings in either main random map mode or in sandbox mode
- New mission info panel - better contextual information about the mission or map you're playing, including an option to edit sandbox settings mid-game
- Fixed some instance of auto terrain adjustment not working correctly when placing road and paths over broken terrain
- Fixed placing harbours over existing roads causing issues
- Top left buttons now have a selected state
- Few more localisation fixes
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V1.5.1 (11 July 2020)

Release Notes
- Improved Key Bindings window usability
- Random map generation tweaks: a little more space around colony ship; fixed bug where mountain mine could be located in invalid position in the sea; a little more landing space on shorelines generally.
- Fixed sandbox games not being recognised as sandbox games
- Fixed not being able to create a road over a flat section of train track
- Fixed monument boost not applying to workshops
- Fixed bug where placing a building right next to a shaft mine could incorrectly adjust a tile on the mine track
- Fixed expedition resources not showing on a harbour's 'en route' panels
- Fixed bug related to destroying a road post at a expedition-created harbour and it not calculating path directions correctly
- Fixed input resource rates for buildings not being displayed correctly when building has a monument boost
- Fixed incorrect idle message for road layer when they're waiting for resources
- Fixed bakery, flour mill and harbour not having correct destruction models and effects
- Game no longer lets you draw paths over broken terrain that it can't autoadjust
- Tweaked large harbour footprint so it can't be placed where there's no room for the queueing location
- Source and destination buildings are now clickable on an individual resource's journey panel
- Bots will now (mostly) return to a printer when their building or road is destroyed
- Made some fish more accessible on campaign map 8
- Tweaks to some steep shoreline in campaign map 5
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V1.5.2 (04 August 2020)

Release Notes
- NEW! Frontiers Mode - Compete against each players on a new map each month!
- NEW! Dismantle Ability - Dismantle building and recover construction resources
- Adjusted market prices for resources to better reflect production costs
- Added Continue Game option to main menu
- Minor optimisations to rocks and carrybot animations - large colonies may see a small performance boost
- Fixed new trains not have upgraded storage after Steam Engines II is researched
- Added warning when upgrading a building with import rules
- Fixed shaft mine deposits placed precisely at sea level not being usable
- Fixed counts of adjacent natural resource surface deposits of different types displaying incorrectly on the map
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V1.5.3 (30 August 2020)

Release Notes
- Enabled deconstruction for buildings under construction
- Added 'Tiny' option to random map generation options
- Fixed shaft mines on random maps occasionally blocking each other
- Additional tweaks to proc gen to reduce chances of getting inaccessible shaft mines
- Fixed storage yard still demanding resources after dismantling has started
- Added overlay to watchtowers under construction to indicate territory gain
- Fixed surface mine construction storage only being 4 resources instead of usual 8
- Fixed incorrect mission names showing for some campaign missions in info panel

V1.5.4 (30 September 2020)

Release Notes
- It's Harvest Time - Pumpkins and the Pumpkin Farm are back!
- Players now can replay old Frontiers but their times won't be recorded
- Added tracking information for Challenges in the mission info panel
- Increased max train speed by 25%
- Added skippable warning to deleting savegame in load game window
- Added beer to alcohol category preset
- Fixed stored SFX volume not being applied on game open
- Fixed deconstructing workshops counting as idle
- Fixed an instance of possible space port ship freeze
- Fixed visual ui bug with resource rules overflowing on boat/station stops
- Fixed bug with being able to place train tracks below sea level
- Fixed import building selection sometimes including irrelevant building types
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Hi! Any notes on version 1.5.9? Also, Linux is still at 1.5.7... is it going to be updated soon? Thanks!
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Patch 1.5.10 (01 March 2021)

- Fixed bugs with dismantling train stations and harbours esp. mid construction
- Made export rules available for all buildings when dismantling and takes into account construction materials
- Expedition resources can now be recovered from dismantling harbour
- Dismantling harbours and boatyards now don't disappear when dismantling complete
- Added cocoa beans to resources in bottom left
- Added fade to palm tree in lumberjack priority selection mode
- Improved map fit when at minimum zoom
- On map, added ability to click visibility header icon to toggle all resources on or off
- Can now place standalone road post with [Alt]
- Fixed bug where occasionally at workshops resources would be allocated when there wasn't room, causing an error
- Fixed issue with trade ship departure if space port rules removed and resources destroyed whilst a bot is fetching a resource for sale
- Fixed cow farm field contiguous verification not always working correctly
- Fixed bug with loading game at exactly one game tick
- Fixed some pathing issues related to flat tiles that are the exact same height as sea level
- Fixed issue when pressing return on name editing not immediately focusing back to game
- Added construction job progress percentage to builder bot tooltips