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Changelog for Patch (added 27 October 2018):

* Fixed issue with listing savegames with PCs running certain regional calendar systems
* Fixed bug with storage yard being placed with shared path to harbour and then expedition resources being sourced from there
* Fixed bug when Residence completes upgrade and the stackbot happened to be delivering a resource into the residence, creating a chance it could stall later on
* Fixed harbour construction resources being incorrectly delivered to outgoing storage if delivered directly from another building
* Fixed edge case where boat would leave whilst harbour bot was on way to unload a resource, which could lead to issues
* Fixed Road Layer bot getting stuck sometimes when conflicting with another Road Layer bot
* Fixed Road Layer bot idle pose so it resets correctly after worker animation
* Fixed Salt description which had incorrect mine levels
* Fixed savegame not loading for people with unusual calendars

* Development continues apace on the sandbox mode, you can head over into the Discord server to be able to try it out when it's first available:

Changelog for Patch (added 27 October 2018):

* Fixed bug where boats could leave a harbour while a stackbot was still interacting with it, causing the bot to get stuck
* Fixed cancelling colony expedition resource collection potentially causing an error
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Changelog for Patch (added 06 November 2018):

* [NEW] Sandbox Phase 1 - Explore layouts and experiment with your Colonists on any current map with customisable options including auto-research, optional fog of war, optional territory and free construction mode
* [NEW] Harbour/Station Rules - Apply blacklisting and whitelisting rules to harbours and train stations in the same way you can with road posts
* Improved resource routing along roads - routing now takes better into account blocked carrybots and busyness of road posts
* Implemented 'collapsing' watchtower state - once captured, watchtower repairs must start within a certain time or the building will be lost
* Fixed weaponry and repair demands not being flagged as urgent on occasion
* Fixed repair demands not showing up on resource demand list
* Increased watchtower projectile range
* Fixed bug where destroying a road without affecting road posts was not clearing formerly attached building's routes to road posts
* Increased stackbot path delivery distance, preventing issue where resources were assigned along long paths but not delivered
* Fixed error where savegame would not load
* Fixed edge case where stackbot fetching a resource from a building when the destination building is destroyed
* Fixed issue where you could end up with an unremovable solitary flag if it was connected to a harbour on the starting island
* Fixed bug where direct delivery of expedition resources from storage yard were not being delivered
* Fixed boat and train names force-including worker bot name
* Fixed bug where road tile would not be removed correctly if sharing a track tile leading to prevention of building placement
* Fixed error with orchard field being lost leading to watchtower capture failing
* Fixed Weaponsmith sometimes causing a game freeze
* Fixed error when placing wheat field on edge of map
* Removing track now longer has the possibility of deforming roads
* Fixed burning VFX on residences
* When placing buildings, switching level of building remembers rotation and flippedness
* Added underground Coal Mine to Mission 2
* Enabled unusual aspect ratios
* Enabled Sandbox button
* Fixed incorrect mission links in sandbox map selection
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Changelog for Patch (added 08 November 2018):

* Fixed resources waiting at harbour not rerouting properly if their next sea route is removed
* Fixed bug where loading a game which had a new colony harbour with no watchtower would not let you build a watchtower
* Fixed bug where carrybot would get stuck if resource it was carrying was manually destroyed during drop off phase
* Fixed bug where harbours on steep slopes could have their entrance land connection to the road post broken causing stackbot routes to break
* Fixed error caused by loading a game in which a expedition boat had had its original harbour destroyed
* Fixed cancelling and restarting upgrade potentially causing overflow in the progress bar
* Fixed error caused by destroying storage yard
* Fixed best time display on scenario screen
* Halved Bakery coal consumption
* Added ability to set import whitelists for storage yards
* Added hotkey for skipping destroy warning (default is Left Alt)
* Fixed Engineering showing negative number
* Adjusted Cow Farm so it only needs one starting field and is indicated more clearly in placement footprint
* Road Posts can now be placed at harbour entrances if the original is accidentally removed
* Mission 3 - added more stone to starting island
* Mission 5 - added more stone, more gold, removed green terrain which was not fertile
* Mission 6 - added Casual mode
* Mission 7 - added more coal
* Mission 9 - added more fertile land and more resources
* Mission 10 - added Casual mode and infinite stone resource for AI
* [V1.1.1.2] Fixed issue with placing fishing huts next to other fishing huts sometimes
* [V1.1.1.2] Fixed destroying a boatyard not resetting tiles properly

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch providing feedback, suggestions and bug reports, they all really help.

We've got some exciting things entering testing tomorrow, please head over to Discord if you'd like to try them out!

* Help And Bug Reporting:
* Discord:
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Changelog for Patch (added 12 November 2018):

* [NEW] Added ability to prioritise tiles for Surface Miners
* Fixed expedition boat being allowed to leave before all expedition resources had been fully loaded
* Fixed potential issues when destroying a building led to resources rerouting back to same building
* Fixed bug where Stackbot would become stuck if resource it was picking up was manually destroyed
* Fixed bug with Road Layer bots upgrading the same road tile and sometimes becoming stuck
* Fixed transport rules being ignored in rerouting when harbour was initial transport node
* Fixed bug where Orchard Field and Wheat Field couldn't be removed in certain situations
* Fixed incorrect boat construction notification icon
* Fixed high level mine buildings not showing up in resource production panel
* Fixed maximum field tooltip showing incorrect text sometimes
* Prevented farm fields from being rotated which led to incorrect field graphics
* Wheat fields now burn properly
* Making a new path now triggers idle Road Layers
* Changed in-game time display to past tense to match time displayed elsewhere
* Cow Farm's initial field now aligned to left edge of building
* Sandbox - AI difficulty level can now be set or turned off complete on military maps
* Mission 6 - tweaked fishing locations
* Mission 4 - added underground Clay mine
* [V1.1.2.1] Fixed bug with start military map without AI in sandbox mode

* I'm still continuing to look at any issues that are reported but I'm also starting to look more at improvements and new features. Currently in development is the Endless Sandbox Mode, if you'd like to test it out head over to our development branch or ask in Discord.

* Help And Bug Reporting:
* Feature Vote/Roadmap:
* Discord:

Thanks - back with more soon
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Changelog for Patch (added 06 December 2018):

* [NEW] Endless Sandbox Mode - Buy and sell resources at the Space Port building, increase your Trader Reputation and create ongoing colonies in Sandbox Mode
* [NEW] Charcoal Burner - Convert Logs into Fuel as an alternative to Coal for all Coal-fired buildings
* [NEW] Additional landscaping tools which allow you to tweak the terrain to your own aesthetics
* [NEW] Custom Colour - In Sandbox Mode you can choose a custom colour for your colony
* Removed slope restrictions for building placement
* Construction and Research processes now consume resources by their delivery date resulting in more balanced resource demands
* Fixed Export building not being removed when it's destroyed
* Fixed Road Layer bot getting stuck sometimes
* Fixed landscaping bug when removing Harbour
* Fixed natural resources sometimes appearing dark
* Fixed not being able to set individual storage rule to 'any'
* Fixed a couple of incorrect L3 road/path junction tiles
* Improved notification UI
* Improved storage rule icon UI
* [V1.2.0.1] Fixed loading a sandbox market-enabled game not showing Space Port as in the construction options
* [V1.2.0.1] Fixed not being able to re-order Fuel building priorities
* [V1.2.0.1] Fixed being able to navigate expedition boat before expedition resources had been fully loaded, leading to incomplete harbours
* [V1.2.0.1] Fixed destroying a harbour with a single unconnected road post not resetting tile properly which could lead to future issues with building roads
* [V1.2.0.1] Fixed Cow Farm production rates (now maxes correctly at 6/day) and fixed location of initial field when flipped

* Up next I'm going to be looking at improvements to ports and train stations among other features and we're also in the final stages of a Mac version. If you'd like to check these out as they're being developed please drop into the development branch of the game and let me know your feedback on Discord!

* Help And Bug Reporting:
* Feature Vote/Roadmap:
* Discord:
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Changelog for Patch (added 04 June 2019):

- added the Mac & Linux versions of game
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Patch (29 April 2019)

Hi everyone,

The Colonists are back with some big updates! Here’s what new in V1.3:

Map Editor

- Create, share and play custom maps
- Sculpt land and sea, place trees, rocks and resources, and set your own victory conditions.

Elevated Trains

- Free your train network with the new elevated railway system!
- Build tracks that carry your trains through and over buildings and across shallow bodies of water.
- New Large Harbour and new Lugger Boat
- The large harbour can load and unload three boats simultaneously and has many more stackbots to help with the extra jobs. It also has two separate entrances to filter traffic more easily. The new lugger boat is made of iron and can hold more resources than the clipper.

Transport Improvements

- You can now apply rules to individual stops for boats and trains, harbours and stations now have separate rule lists for importing and exporting. Trains now block each other and stations can support multiple train stops. Trains can now also transport construction materials to stations under construction.

Other Updates
- New Large Storage Yard - can store more resources, has two entrances and has a bot printer.
- Postcard Mode - create snappy screenshots of your colony.
- Map Improvements - fixed black lines, added double-click to go to location, more accurate panning and zoom uses mouse position.
- Each research technology now has its own icon.
- Road posts now have a darker colour if a rule is applied.
- Added notification icons when a new building or a new level of a building is unlocked.
- Many other small improvements.
- Thanks to everyone who has been playing the game so far, all your feedback, suggestions and bug reports have been incredibly useful!
- Please get in touch if you have any issues with the latest features, we'll be continuing to improve them as well as work on more updates including new campaign maps and AI/military improvements. Vote for features you’d most like to see on our roadmap and remember you can follow development progress as well as play the very latest builds on our Discord server.


Help And Bug Reporting:




Patch -> see post above this one
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Patch 1.3.1 (14 June 2019)

- Fixed journey time costs for boats and trains, improving resource route calculations
- Journey times for each vehicle stop now display on boat and train panels
- Fixed potential stuck station stackbot if train hoppers weren't lined up
- Fixed sandbox panel not resetting fog of war toggle when territory toggle changed
- Added whitelist exporting to space port
- Fixed bug where resources which were rerouted to a different destination could potentially cause original destination buildings not to request a new resource and construction/production processes could stall
- Fixed bug which causes a train to become stuck when destroying a train station the train has a stop at
- Fixed Space Port ship getting stuck if game was reloaded whilst a stackbot was loading a resource to sell
- Fixed terrain weirdness when destroying track
- Fixed idle train notification not showing up correctly
- Added ability to pause and resume construction
- Builder bot now returns to printer when they complete construction
- You can now destroy a single road post outside a harbour if 'free road post placement' is turned on
- Added maximum tile adjustments when placing building (no more extreme walls)
- Added maximum slopes for farm fields
- Added warning if you try to upgrade Workshop L2 without yet researching Bread Making
- When destroying farm fields terrain is no longer auto-adjusted

Patch (16 June 2019)

- Fixed issue with constructing fishing huts on steep slopes from previous build
- Lumberbots and Minerbots take more sensible routes home
- Fixed idle train notification not disappearing when destroying train

Patch 1.3.2 (25 June 2019)

- Added two new single player missions to campaign
- Added leaderboards to custom maps in the Steam Workshop
- Added leaderboard section to map victory screen
- Added territory toggle setting for custom maps
- Map editor: shaft mine usability checks
- Map editor: trees and resources auto destroy when underwater
- Map editor: added option to clear all fish

Patch (29 June 019)

- Fixed bug where sometimes pausing and then resuming construction would result in the production resources not being sourced
- Minor tweaks to new missions (8 & 11)
- Fixed bug when capturing enemy Colony Ship entrance tile but not any of its building tiles
- Fixed cash victory condition bar graphic overflowing
- Fixed initial sheep farm tile not showing correctly
- Improved loading time if offline
- Fixed camera tracking trains when going over bridges
- Fixed order and numbering of campaign missions in sandbox map selection screen
- Added tips for transporting construction resources to train station and using unsupported bridges

Patch (01 July 2019)

- Fixed issue when trying to destroy sheep farms
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Changelog for Patch (added 09 August 2019):

- Fixed expedition boat not sailing off after dropping off resources at expedition harbour
- Fixed 'en route' resources section not showing up in resources panel for buildings
- Fixed Shaft Mine SFX hanging around when a Shaft Mine is destroyed
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Patch (23 August 2019)

- Stopped resources trying to be transported through under construction harbours and train stations
- Fixed Import filtering for storage yards, workshops and space ports
- Fixed Export filtering for fuel resources
- Fixed back button on import whitelist lists
- Buildbots now recycle when upgrade cancelled
- Improved error messaging when entrance layer invalid

Patch 1.3.4 (13 September 2019)

- Localized game into German, French, Chinese and Korean. Massive thanks to all the translators!
- Monument Bonuses - a monument will now give a speed boost to all nearby bots increasing building productivity and road throughput. Monuments are limited to one each (unless victory conditions state otherwise) so use them wisely!
- Added Resource Statistics panel - click on any incoming or recently arrival resource to show its route through your colony. Panel also allows you to individually destroy incoming resources.
- Improved Destroy mode - you can now destroy resources in this mode and there are better highlights to indicate what you're hovering over.
- New Sandbox options - unlimited monuments and unlimited space ports.
- Resource demands are now rechecked upon harbour and train station completion.
- Fixed occasional bug where building may not request as many resources at one time as it should.
- Fixed bug where boats wouldn't sail under railway bridges in game that had been reloaded.
- Fixed bug when clearing a docked boat's route and then assigning to an expedition at the docked harbour.
- Fixed occasional issue where carry bot printed at large harbour or large storage yard would go the wrong road post and not be able to make it to their assigned road.
- Added different message for when trying to assigning a clipper to an expedition at a large harbour.
- Fixed being able to use Full Sculpt in elevated water (lakes)
- Added error highlighting and tooltip when using Full Sculpt
- Brewery now has an extra utility bot to help out.

Patch (14 September 2019)

- Fixed Planks being incorrectly labelled as Vegetables and Sawmill as Vegetable Farm. (These are in development)

Patch (20 September 2019)

- Fixed "Resource Export Rules" and "Resource Import Rules" panel headers being the wrong way round
Fixed some German typos

Patch (03 October 2019)

- Change your colony colour at any time with a new panel on your Colony Ship!
- Harbours can now be an export target for buildings holding or producing expedition resources.
- Fixed one off selling rules not working.
- Fixed issue with printed bots sometimes going cross-country to their destination.
- Fixed game defaulting to languages still in development (Russian and Italian).
- Fixed bug in tutorial if you close the Lumberjack Hut construction panel.
- Fixed some font inconsistencies with accented characters.
- Fixed a few localization entries.
- Improved a couple of icons.
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Patch (28 October 2019)

Hi everyone,

A special Halloween update of The Colonists is now available!

Pumpkin Farm

Give your colonists a seasonal treat with the new Pumpkin Farm! Providing another source of food for Level 1 Residences, Pumpkin Farms take up less space but have long pumpkin patches so you'll need to plan your layouts!

Patch Notes-

- Italian and Brazilian Portuguese localization
- Space Port no longer needs any resources to construct
- Harbours no longer require pier tiles to be inside territory
- Building upgrade costs now take into account previous level
- Added Boat Building II research which is needed to build Luggers
- Luggers now a bit faster and have more capacity
- Implemented acceleration on boats
- Fixed 'all resources' on whitelists causing problems (also removed that option as it's the default behaviour)
- Fixed workshop import whitelist not accepting all possible research resources
- Fixed some issues not being able to set export whitelists from/to buildings under construction
- Fixed destroying import building not auto removing it from another building's import whitelist
- Fixed track breaking if placing a high train station
- Reduced adjustable height a little of train stations to avoid some entrance issues
- Fixed mislabelled resource categories on flag rules panel
- Fixed rules tab count for boats and trains for item categories
- Fixed close button on boat selection panel
- Fixed notification icons on newly unlocked buildings not being reset on game load
- F12 no longer trigger screenshot mode, now only dedicated hotkey does (default F10)
- Two fixes for games erroring when trying to load


Help And Bug Reporting:

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Update 1.4.0 (25 December 2019)

Festive Decorations

Give your colony a festive feel with Christmas trees (plant them near monuments), snowbots (created by the Foresterbot) as well as presents and candy canes!
Enemy AI Updates

The enemy AI has been reworked and improved and now includes a new Hard mode which also gives enemies a 25% bot boost. There's also a new military mission in the campaign with more to come in the future.

Patch Notes

- Fixed an issue in some instances with resources that are waiting at harbour not getting rerouted
- Fixed storage yards not showing in storage panel for resource categories (food etc)
- Fixed an error related to rerouting a boat that is currently queueing to same harbourissues not being able to set export whitelists from/to buildings under construction
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V1.4.1 (27 February 2020)

Storage Yard Mechanics

Storage yards now creates 'demand' in the same way as other buildings. These demands are visible resource demands panel and can be moved up or down the priority list, again like demand types. The 'weight' of a storage demand is based on the fill percentage of the resource at the storage yard. For example, say you have a lumberjack hut and two storages yards ('A' and 'B') and 'A' has a rule for 5 Logs and 'B' for 10 Logs. The first Log will go to 'B' (wherever it is located), the second Log to 'A', the third to 'B', the fourth to 'B', the fifth to 'A' etc.

So in summary, the weight for each storage destination is determined by 1) fill percentage 2) total potential storage 3) distance. This new behaviour gives you a more even and controllable distribution of resources to multiple storage yards around your colony.

Storage Yard to Storage Yard

Utilising the new demand mechanic above, resources can now be sent from storage yard to storage yard. You can set this up by creating import or export rules on the relevant building.

Patch Notes
Hotkeys (default [C] & [V]) for copying and pasting settings of buildings (export & import) and road posts (blacklists and whitelists)
Small Storage Yard now only requires logs to build
Added multi-selection to resource selection panels
Added resource group presets to blacklist resource selection panels
Added expedition resources to demand panels
Changed idle port and station stackbots to prioritise load and unloads of vehicles first
Items waiting at harbour or train station are now rechecked for optimal routes when a new route is added
Adding an import rule now forces an resource export check at the targeted building if source building already had an import rule
Fixed issue with resources being incorrectly routed in and out of large harbours
Fixed salt being able to mined with L2 surface mine
Fixed bug which occurs when placing a watchtower when the logs demand panel is open
Fixed export from space port bug when selling rule is removed and resource are waiting to be loaded
Fixed bug when clearing a boat route and assigning to an expedition while boat is docked at harbour
Fixed bug with vegetables in vegetable plots displaying weirdly after a little while
Fixed bug with vegetables not showing up on game load
Fixed hit box on vegetable resource
Fixed issue where sometimes a train wasn't created due to miscalculation of train route limits
Fixed lumberjack pathfinding not being completely accurate in finding the nearest tree
Fixed bug where, when a building's panel is open, the green in-world highlight markers weren't being created when a new resource was assigned to the building
Fixed issue where multiple top left panels could be overlaid after entering and leaving the research or map screen
Fixed not being able to set fuel consumption buildings as export on storage yards
AI enemy can now cancel research if project has been idle for too long
AI enemy has smarter placement of fletchers
AI enemy has smarter upgrading of watchtowers
Fixed bug with en route resource highlighters not always showing up correctly
Fixed order of medals in mission goals panel
Fixed internal tree count when if lumberjack chops a tree which leaves your territory during the chopping process
For export and import building lists, disabled already existing options
Vegetable Farm construction time and resources now same as Sheep Farm
You can now sculpt tiles with trees on
You can now sell Logs at the Space Port for a small amount of money
Small storage yard and steel mill have an extra stackbot
Bots are now printed in the order of oldest first instead of most recent first
Improved accuracy of distance sorting for priority layer buildings (lumberjacks, foresters, miners)
Removed rogue underwater clay deposit on 'Island Hopping' mission
Added option to show the game tick alongside the day

V1.4.2 (05 April 2020)

Patch Notes
Added challenges panel so you can keep track of your progress and a notification screen for when you complete a challenge
Added option for x8 speed (use at your discrection, your framerate may suffer a bit)
Added option to invert zoom
Added extra sub-panel on boats and trains resource panel to show which resources are being unloaded and added details to harbour's boats panel to show a boat's status with that harbour
Added visual to show upgrade range of a watchtower when on upgrade panel
Improved performance a bit when rendering wheat fields
Fixed bug when pressing Escape on the 'unsave progress' window
Fixed error when storage yard sourced resources beyond capacity, caused by having a combination of rules which exceeded capacity
Fixed bug where demand groups couldn't be reordered in resource category panels (e.g. fuel)
Fixed edge case where enemy colony ship would self-destruct if entrance tile was captured but none of the main tiles
Fixed an issue with very busy harbours where incoming resources could potentially get sent to the wrong storage pile and eventually bring everything to a halt
Fixed bug where if a boat's transport route is cleared whilst it's heading from the queueing location to the dock then the next queued boat wouldn't be triggered
Improved resource movement behaviour on very busy large harbours with multiple road posts
Added extra stackbot for harbour
Some small AI improvements
Turned default ambient occlusion setting for linux to off
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V1.4.3 (09 May 2020)

Patch Notes
- New military campaign map - The Three Hills
- Game now auto-adjusts the land when you place roads and paths over steps in the terrain
- Watchtower Ownership Overlay - when you select the info panel on watchtowers it now shows you an graphic overlay indicating which tiles would be lost if you destroyed that watchtower
- Option for free resource creation at storage yards added to sandbox mode
- Various small improvements to enemy AI
- Fixed scores not being submitted for non-military custom maps from the Workshop
- Fixed bug where boat could leave early if only resources to unload were using harbour as a transitory stop
- Fixed resources sometimes going to storage yards that are under construction
- Fixed potential bug when road posts are modified that are connected to expedition harbours that are under construction
- Fixed shaft minerbot appearing out of the back of the mine
- Fixed watchtower damage smoke effects not clearing when upgrade completes
- Fixed a couple of inaccurate building descriptions
- Fixed bug where enemy bots would not appear correctly if they went into then came back out of fog of war
- Fixed leaderboard button incorrectly showing on military maps
- Added warning message for adding an import rule to a building under construction
The version isn't listed in the stand alone setup downloads page. It still has the version.