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Hopefully it will come to GOG too....
Yeah - Let's hope it will come to GOG too. I completely agree.

[Edit] Ughh... Only Steam so far. Bummer...
Post edited June 23, 2022 by JClosed
According to the Steam page, the publisher this time is 'historia Inc.' rather than NISA, i.e. they seem to have self-published on PC this time.

NISA does have a page for the game at but it only lists PS4 and Switch as platforms.

So perhaps the difference in PC publisher is why it hasn't arrived here.

It appears someone asked historia on Twitter and got the following reply:
Hello! Thank you for asking us about it. However, we haven't planned to release it on at the moment.
Meanwhile, NISA is going to publish another Furyu game, but it hasn't been announced for GOG either. :-(