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Don't get me wrong - as far as I've noticed it's just minor things (like missing 'a's, 'the's, 'you' when it's supposed to be 'your', 'for' when it's supposed to be 'from', bits and pieces still being in French, etc.) and it's not anything game-breaking but the occurrence of those little errors is too frequent and quickly amounts to a sizeable and unmissable pile of mistakes.
Considering the dev being French - horrible stereotyping ahead, apologies in advance - I guess that the English localisation very likely wasn't and isn't exactly top-priority, but another quality assurance pass on the texts to get rid of the misspellings and bad grammar would be really appreciated.
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Post edited February 07, 2020 by Swedrami
Oh damnit, I'm afraid this is sooo true. The english text localization is sooo bad. It's like a spelling mistake in literally every single sentence, almost. And considering the fact, that usually the english localization is the one, that steps into the breach, if your mother tongue is not available, it should have been taken way more care of.

At first, I didn't mind, that there is no german localization... if only the english wasn't that bad. I cannot understand, how Developers only get in touch with translators, who apparently missed the job description/qualification. Let's say 90% of the mistakes could have been avoided by only using a spellchecker.

Besides all that, I totally adore the game. It's a great atmosphere, amazing sound ambience... it's just the spelling mistakes, that starting to kill the mood... it just doesn't look like a professional piece of work this way, which is a real pitty.

Hopefully the english translation will improve with a future update.
I still hope they are going to fix this. I'm a bit sensitive to this, and that's actually the main reason, why I haven't bought the game yet. I'm very intrigued otherwise.