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I just ask
This is truly bizarre, 2 months passed since the game was first offered here on GOG and still no update to the latest version?
What really bothers me is that the devs are really active on the Bird Site but not a peep here. Releasing a game this old, with an unfinished build without Linux/Mac support and then providing zero communication sounds like dumping and milking the IP. Also they show a pretty non-existent update history for their other games (Cave Story, Legend of Bum-bo, Crystal Crisis), although they have all been added only recently.

Maybe someone could shoot them an email/tweet?
I own the game both here and on Steam.

The Steam version got a big fresh update (1.7.8) on March 22.

Meanwhile, GOG's version is stuck in a revision even older than the one which was currect on Steam at the time of release here. It also has mod support issues.

How is this acceptable for GOG? A new release, and a really popular game title at that, being abandoned and unsupported with no developer around in the forums to address the concerns of the game owners here?

I am very dissatisfied with this situation. It really reflects badly on the developer as well as GOG.
From what I've been able to gather it really seems like this publisher in general is lacking in pushing updates on platforms other than Steam. "When console update" is quite commonly asked on Edmund McMillen's Twitter to which I've seen perpetual replies in the form of "We don't know" or "Coming Soon (tm)". Also I never received any replies to emails I sent to Nicalis. Immensely disheartening to see such a good title brought down by the developer's/publisher's negligence.

(I've stopped playing beyond the base game entirely because of issues I have with the DLCs - that's not to say the base game is flawless either)
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Frustrating as it is, I guess there's nothing we can do but stop buying games from Nicalis, if the can only give non-answers.