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Survival Mode for Banner Saga 3, the first DLC arrives in a new build, out today! Are you ready to put your tactical skills to the ultimate test? Run from the Darkness, and keep your party ahead of the onslaught in Banner Saga 3 Survival Mode!

Below please find the fixes and improvements in this build:

* Improvement / New - Survival Mode added to the game as paid DLC
* Achievement - Krumr's Mentor is now achievable
* Achievement - The Wave Breaker is now achievable
* Achievements - Player was erroneously awarded 'Scrape By' trophy after 'Sole Survivor' ending
* Animation - Stray Bleed Animation after killing an enemy fixed
* Audio - Game background sound and music now stops when minimizing the game or locking the screen
* Audio - Iver's monologue in the base of the white tower no longer repeating
* Audio - Rook's ranged attack now has sound effects
* Audio - VO fixes
* Bug - Game no longer enters unresponsive state after the pre-Ruin battle in Chapter 18
* Bug - Game no longer soft-locks at Chapter 19 start after Ruin battle
* Bug - Title no longer enters unresponsive state after a conversation with Tryggvi in Chapter 18
* Design - ‘Party’ text no longer overlaps with the talent points on the roster screen
* Design - Close button no longer fails to function on GAME OVER screen
* Design - Ready timer for selecting reinforcements in wave battles ticks properly
* Design - The character ‘Bersi’ begins with the correct number of kills
* Gameplay - 2nd ability capped to Rank1 on Recruit
* Gameplay - Chanter Stonesinger's channeled abilities cannot be interrupted
* Gameplay - First Warped Stoneguard no longer skips its first turn during the Dredge Bell battle
* Gameplay - Game will now launch properly on Mac in some cases
* Gameplay - Hurler's Sunstrike - Ability properly prevents enemies from using their abilities
* Gameplay - Fixed an issue if you triggered the Juno's death tutorial and finish a wave battle before triggering the popups
* Gameplay - Impale applies damage when repositioning characters during wave redeployment
* Gameplay - Inconsistency between Shield Wall's functionality and its description fixed
* Gameplay - No longer need to quit game from main menu twice to actually quit the game
* Gameplay - Proper visual indication when using controller that you need to confirm to access the heroic titles
* Gameplay - Resuming game upon reaching the Dredge Godstone no longer causes caravan to skip the Godstone's event and camp
* Gameplay - Ruin no longer takes double damage from effects that trigger during her turn
* Gameplay - The caravan no longer stops briefly after returning from Arberrang for the second time
* Gameplay - User can no longer increase Morale in the Dredge Godstone via Rest even when the number of days equals 0
* Gameplay - Warped Varls now do damage when they use Tempest
* Graphical - Manually resizing the screen when it is changing from windowed to full-screen while the game is opening, no longer causes game to stay on windowed but act as full-screen
* Graphical - Shield HP now disappears after being destroyed with one hit
* Graphical - View of Arberrang is now displayed properly during the final cinematic if player finished playthrough without returning to the city
* Graphical - Wall debris falling in a more natural way
Localization – Many localization fixes
* Save - Fully functional ‘Resume’ button is no longer present after player deleted all the Save Profile Slots.
* Save – Game now Autosaves after Rugga Tent Battle
* UI - "Load Game" window no longer remains displayed if opened right before the loading screen
* UI - Achievement Strings are corrected from their placeholders
* UI - Castaway Ability "Barbed Stones" no longer has placeholder text
* UI - Characters can now use all points they have available
* UI - During reinforcements, selecting empty space with controller in hero roster shows 'Remove' text
* UI - Invisible buttons in pause menu can no longer be accessed by using a gamepad
* UI - Localized Subtitles Now Working
* UI - Placeholder text in Oddleif dialogue after meeting with the King event in French localization now removed
* UI - Placeholder text is removed from Juno’s ‘Thread of Life’ ability in Information Panel during battle
* UI - Poisoned Status Hover State Tooltip no longer contains placeholder debug string
* UI - Selected button no longer persists during a wave battle
* UI - Tally Page is now visible after the last return to the Arberrang
* UI - Typo during Valgard's speech in chapter 21 is fixed
* UI - User is now able to add points to talents other than default via gamepad in certain conditions
* UI - With the controller you can now use the "Close" button on the ability window
* UI – Marketplace background overlay now covers the entire screen
* UI – The text of wave turn counter does now fits into the textbox in Japanese
* UI – Typo in Unmoved Heroic Title Description is corrected

If you have any questions or concerns please raise them in the discussion forums or send us an email:
support[at]stoicstudio[dot]com. Thank you!

Build - 2.57.57
Post edited September 25, 2018 by Khatie
Good morning, everyone! Just a heads up that we worked with GoG to resolve an issue where some GoG Backers didn't have Survival Mode added to their existing keys - sorry for the delay on that, but we were glad to get it resolved quickly so you can hop into the fray!

Hey Khatie! I backed the game on Kickstarter (first tier) but whenever I click Survival Mode in game it links me to the store page for purchase.
Also, I was wondering about these items:
- Death's Toll
- Weaver's Ward
- Last Stand
While the Troll Ward appears in my stash, those three don't.
Abelf: Hey Khatie! I backed the game on Kickstarter (first tier) but whenever I click Survival Mode in game it links me to the store page for purchase.
Also, I was wondering about these items:
- Death's Toll
- Weaver's Ward
- Last Stand
While the Troll Ward appears in my stash, those three don't.
Discussed in Discord server; please send an email to support so I can investigate this for you. Thanks!