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How can I get through the mouse game?! I've tried it like 10 times and wasted the whole afternoon, but it just keeps giving me the worst possible options and turning me in the worst directions! And if I let the AI or whoever she is handle it, she's brain-dead and makes terrible choices! She's supposed to solve the whole thing, and with any other one she would, but not for the only one that I actually need her to do so! I'm about ready to stab Stauf in his eye with a harpoon!!! There doesn't seem to be any possible way to outmaneuver him! And I don't even see why it's in the game at all, because it's not even a puzzle, but just an incredibly frustrating, silly game! Can someone just provide me a link to a file that I can load in which that stupid game has already been completed, so that I don't have to do it myself? Otherwise I don't see how I can ever possibly progress any further!
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