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So, I've been waiting on the installation for over an hour under Win7 Ultimate x64 on a SSD.
The progress bar indicates roughly 20% complete now, while Resource Monitor shows
ongoing disk activity as well as CPU usage.
Is this normal, or typical?
I've never had an installation perform so slowly.

System is Core i7 3770K, 16GB RAM, ASUS motherboard, Radeon R7 370 series.

Installer files are being run from an internal 2TB HDD, not using Galaxy.

Would this go better on a Windows 10 system?
I've a separate SSD with Win10 installed, but that's been a b0rked system for a short while,
not running newly-installed programs and breaking some others already installed.
I'll be wiping that drive to start over soon.

Long story short: How long should this game take to install?
Well over an hour seems an awfully long time to me, even though it's over 12GB of download.
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