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I'm running Win10x64 Insider's build 15046, with an 8-core AMD FX cpu and an AMD R9 380 4GB...running the latest 17.2.1 Crimson drivers. (Yes this really works!)

1) I'm running the current GOG version, which is the DVD version of the game

2) I'm using the FFDshow_rev4533_20140929_clsid.exe installer version of FFDshow (which may or may not be the latest available--it was the latest version I could find.) You *must* use this version--just do a quick Bing or Google search for it by name--the files at SourceForge are the best place to download the file.

3) After installing FFDshow to c:\program files x86 , you'll want to look into the directory and grab the file there and copy it to your main Overseer game directory--be sure and and rename the old version to ffdshow.axOLD first, however.

Also, during the FFDshow install be sure and select the MPEG2/Libavec(sp?) option when asked--it's the only option in the install you need to select.

4) Set the Win10x64 compatibility options for "All Users" in the Overseer shortcut as follows:

a) Win98/ME mode
b) Run as Administrator

Leave all other settings blank

6)Use your GPU options for the game executable (overseer.exe) to run:

*max Multisampling or Supersampling mode your hardware can support (4x or 8x EQ, etc.)
*max Anisotropic filtering (16x, etc.)
*VSYNC always ON (very important for this game, I found.)
*Texture Filtering Quality: High(est)
*Surface Format Optimization: OFF
*Shader Cache: AMD Optimized
*Tessellation Mode: Use Application settings

*Vsync on is pretty much a requirement as the game does not like Vsync off, I found. These D3d rendering settings look great and make a noticeable improvement in the rendered portions of the game--Tex's office, Anastasi Ruins, Warehouse, etc. ad infintum--and of course don't interfere with the Xing Mpeg 2 playback at all.

6) Best sound option: turn 3d sound OFF in the game options (this might be required for stability, don't know.)

8) Best Music Option in the game by far: Install CoolSoft's Virtual Midi Synth to your system, and set up the Virtual Midi Synth to be your default in the CoolSoft VMSynth setup program for all of your Windows needs. When configuring Overseer, however, do not select the CoolSoft Virtual Midi Synth from within the game as your midi device--select instead Microsoft Midi Mapper. Even though you select for MMM, what will actually play through the game is the CoolSoft Virtual Midi Synth--and man does it sound great. At one time I had the gravis ultrasound emulation set up for Over seer and several other games--CoolSoft VirtualMidi Synth sounds--to me--so much better that it is now the default in all of my Midi games...!

That's it...This may or may not help someone who doesn't use an AMD GPU...don't know...but one thing I hate is when my games stop working for some reason...;) I won't rest until I right such injustices!...;)
Followed this to a tee, but no joy

Just finished playing UAKM and TPD and wanted to start on this now.


Any advice apart from waiting for The Poisoned pawn remake?