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Video Update
Cubase: Video Update
I was going to say it is strange you are going on sale on GOG when Tesla is the #1 Adventure game.

But then I figured tomorrow might be the beginning of the GOG Summer Sale (which would make more sense).
What is Ocukus Rift ?
Sonic2k: What is Ocukus Rift ?
Virtual Reality headset, it's that thing Chris Jones puts on, it allows for total immersion + headtracking.
Nice video, not interested in rift anymore since the facebook appearance but still interesting news, it suit the game well.

Chris Jones eyes are a little weird, i hope he don't push himself too much.
Did VR patch ever come out?
What VR gear does it support?

esmadja: Did VR patch ever come out?
What VR gear does it support?

The game has not been released yet, and no updates have been posted in a while. In the meantime, you can consult their official website (which has a section about VR support, shown below) -


VR Support

VR is amazing! For anybody who has experienced some of the latest titles that take full advantage of VR and Touch Controllers, it is a very unique and immersive experience.

However, Chaotic Fusion realized something with regards to the VR marketplace: a lack of full-length content and variety. While some of the games and demos available on the various VR marketplaces provide wonderful and immersive experiences, many of them are very short.

The Poisoned Pawn not only promises to be one of the very first full-length VR experiences of its type, but it is presented in a genre that VR was truly meant to be in: the first person, point and click adventure genre. But, we are replacing ``point and click`` with ``grab and touch``!

With full VR and touch support (with plans to have this experience available on many of the most popular VR hardware platforms*) The Poisoned Pawn will provide players with a truly immersive experience. Walk, run or crawl your way through the environments. Interact with objects on a level never before experienced. Immerse yourself in a rich and detailed futuristic, cyberpunk world where your skills as an observer and investigator will help you through your cases!

* Currently only Oculus and Oculus Touch are supported. Vive support will depend on future development and dev kit access, etc.