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duckmna: i am starting to feel like this is hopeless.i have done everything i could for this but it has not done anything at all.
Try re-downloading the offline installer and try uninstalling and reinstalling the game using the new installer that we've uploaded today.
duckmna: how do i do that?
Click on "Account" in the top bar then "Library" then click on the game box and there's your installer links :)

If you're using Galaxy, click "More" then "Backups and Extras" otherwise just let Galaxy update the game for you :)
duckmna: i am about to give up completely this is hopeless. i am starting to think i should not have even tried in the first place,so i might as well forget it.
Did you download the latest offline installer for the game like I recommended earlier?
duckmna: and yes i did.
If you have the latest installer, make sure to back up your saves, uninstall the game, turn off any and all anti-virus programs temporarily, and try reinstalling the game using the newst installer.

edit: actually, just wait a bit as we will be getting update out to everyone soon :)
Post edited July 14, 2015 by JudasIscariot