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This came from the wiki. It is not up on the changelogs yet.

Changes and Adjustments
Localization should now be updated to fully include 1.4.1 content. Special thanks to Criddle and Midnaait for additional contributions in regards to localization changes!
Reverted Town NPC House/Village check distance increase. This was doubled in 1.4.1, and has now been returned to 1.4 levels.
NPC Happiness now gives the "Space" bonus for 3-NPC towns. Previously, there was neither a bonus nor a penalty at 3 NPCs, but this was perceived as a penalty, so its been changed.
Skeletron Prime's bombs now explode on Planter Boxes (like they were changed to do on Platforms)
Capes now show when sitting or riding mounts. This was previously limited due to conflicts, but feedback indicated it was worth the potential awkwardness at times to have the option.
Queen Slime's minions can now drop Slime Staff at normal drop rates
Clicking anywhere on the creative/bestiary menu will pause searching. This should make the UI more intuitive and result in being accidentally "stuck" in the textbar less common.
Updated Timeless Traveler sprites, as the sprites being used were accidentally out of date versions
Spectre Goggles no longer override helmets entirely, as they are not full head accessories and were not meant to do so

There are a bunch of other changes:
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