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high rated
I have just finished this imo amazing game. I really enjoyed it but I also have to agree to some of those critics who are complaining that rewinding is extremely slow and that it would be great if you could directly jump to the beginning or end of a certain clip.

So I've searched the internet and found a mod on Steam made by UnluckyNinja. The mod was made for the Steam release and unfortunately did not work correct with the GOG release of the game (tried both versions in the thread and one gave me a black screen while the other did not have environmental sounds anymore). So I decided to use the code posted by UnluckyNinja and add it to the GOG release using dnSpy (which I never used before but it worked and I've learned something new :)).

The fix is just exchanging the file "Assembly-CSharp.dll" in the folder "Telling Lies\TellingLies_Data\Managed". So if you want to be sure rename or backup this file before using it.


Simply download the fix here and extract it into your installation directory. After doing this you will now have the following options in addition to those that are already in the game:

Left Arrow: Rewind for 2s
Right Arrow: Fast Forward for 2s
Ctrl + Left Arrow: Rewind for 10s
Ctrl + Right Arrow: Fast Forward for 10s
Home / Shift + Left Arrow : Jump to clip start
End / Shift + Right Arrow: Jump to clip end

Hope it works for you, too. Have fun :)

Post edited June 19, 2020 by MarkoH01