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Hi all,

We've uploaded new installers (Windows and Mac) for Telepath Tactics that will update your game to version 1.01. Please visit your shelves for the latest version.

Version 1.01 changelog:

- fixed an issue that was causing some players to have to separately download and install Adobe AIR.
- fixed a bug in the "Who can use this?" function in the merchant screens.
- fixed a bug preventing the player from backing out of a purchase after triggering the "Who can use this?" bug.
- added an additional visit to the merchant in Coria, right after the Coria tavern scene.
- added a confirmation box warning players when they are about to overwrite an existing save file.
- fixed several bugs specific to the Linux build (including one game-breaking bug) caused by inconsistent folder capitalization.
- fixed a bug in which the game would sometimes freeze if a character who had just recently appeared on the battlefield triggered a trap that had been on the battlefield longer than him.
- fixed a bug in which lissit characters in multiplayer all had "null" for names.
- fixed the incorrect objectives description that was appearing during the apple-gathering battle.
- fixed the incorrect coloration of Silithis's portrait during the scene where she visits Adelbrae.
Any signs of a linux port? Couldn't find anything on the Steam forums.
Thanks a ton and sorry for - kinda - always being that guy who asks for ports! :P
Ah the first patch! It was much needed. Thanks a bunch. I got the first 3 bugs in the list. Glad it's resolved.