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hi, i reached the next battle to defend the camp from beiing destroyed :D

seems i ran into a bug?

If i want to use items from the camp, i can't go back, the black overlay won't go away, so i am stuck.
funny thing is the game plays on, the battle rages and the enemy can move and hit me but i can't because of the dark semi transparent overlay.

i have the latest game installed

anyone has an idea how i can play again? i pressed every key but nothing worked, the only thing i can do is get the main menu and surrender or quit, but i want to slay the enemy :D
does any one know what key or key combinination will remove the black overlay?

As for now i have to close the game cause i cant go on till i know how to fix this.

see attachment


:D seems there was another patch, 1 sep 2015
i just downloaded the game and reinstalled, i am now checking if the overlay problem is still there.
i see the introscreen has changed...

i'll be checking the game now...

back :D

new_screen: chars seems a bit smaller indeed so is the overlay menu, but thats better on a smaller screen like i have :D

funny thing is that the screen is half black and has a close button to the top right, i closed the screen but now de button hand on the menu doesnt come back when i try to get an item from the tent?

??? anyways i will restart the game and try again :D

okay right mouse is main menu and clicking on team brings the other menu for the chars.
windowed mode gives me somewhat large chars :D
nice very nice updates.

intro screen seems different now, looks good .
I'll be checking the game more tomorrow or so.

update: it seems my resolution was wrong and the close button for the screen fell outside the visible click range
so if i keep it a full screen all should be okay

so this problem is solved
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