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Impressive game so far. I'm glad games like this are still being produced. There's still hope!

In the instruction manual (I know, reading the instruction manual is overrated), page 31, it mentions a second campaign "Guard Llama, and so on", seeming to indicate the game already has multiple campaigns. In my Data folder I see only The Vengeance of Emma Strider. When/if Guard Llama is released, or if it has released already, will these be available on under the Telepath Tactics umbrella (lack of a better term)?

Don't get me wrong, I'm very early in Emma Strider (8th battle I think?), but I know after this one I'll be ready for more. I'm seriously thinking about making my own campaign after reading the mod section, but I have no idea how that would work with
The way it is written in the manual seems to imply that is an example, and not an actual campaign that has been made.
At least that is what I thought until I started looking through the character portraits and found a picture of guard Llama. I'm considering making an HD face portrait pack, as I think the Ms Paint art is kinda ugly. I mean its only 118 pngs, and lots of them are pretty similar.
I just wish there was something I could do about the GUI, but I think that would require some form of scripting knowledge that I don't have.
I can understand complaints about the portraits and UI, but I don't mind. The portraits to me are acceptable (though if I created a campaign I'd try to improve them), and as long as the UI is functional, I'm good with it. I'm thankful we have the option to move the window around to view parts of the map it covers, and then there's the new update allowing more than 8 skills, now.

"Guard Llama" was really specific, so I had to figure it was more than just an example. Didn't think to check portraits. So we're missing a campaign that may or may not have been created.