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I think this is a good game. It made me remember the classic adventure era with its fun and fantasy. Graphics are not brilliant but they make their job and give the game a nice children touch. The interface is simple, so simple that it has not dialogue options, which makes you talk to someone more than once if you want the game to advance, but it's not necessarily a bad thing.
The two only bad things about this game are the lack of logic in some puzzles and the little, almost invisible objects. They made me test everything on everything lots of times, too much times. A short game became a longer game because of that, and it's not fun in an adventure, although it's part of them all. At last, I had to use a walkthrough twice.
The dialogues are hilarious almost all the time and, except for too much references to Lucasfilm universe, they make this game a very serious attempt to a classic adventure.
You should try it, you will remember when you discovered your first graphic adventure.