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fresh start of the game i went to the resolution settings and selected 1080x920x30 and started up my game but no mouse support so i went to go fix the settings and after i couldnt fix it in game i exited the game to look for solutions and now i am unable to start the game up again as it is grey out on the GOG app, i restart the app and i can click "play game" but same issue pops up everytime "your video hardware...."
so my two issues are the game not starting and the unspoorted mouse control
i would appreciate any assistance
my hardware :
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
Intel i5-7600k @ 3.80ghz
msi h270 gaming pro carbon
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post your SS2.log.
voodoo47: post your SS2.log.
im not entirely sure what i did other than restarting my computer, but the game plays fine now.
i had some problems with tutorial monologue not working but the Positional Bias was too high i guess, after i set it lower the game worked well. thank you for your reply and sorry i didnt message back sooner