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I don't know how many of you guys wish for a remake of System Shock 2, but I certainly entertain myself with the idea of one myself from time to time. Although I didn't find it remotely scary, I did appreciate its survival elements of conserving ammunition and avoiding monsters and I try to appreciate the creepiness of its monsters and story as they would've been at the time.

Call me a perfectionist, but I see a lot of potential in this benchmark for modern first person shooters as it could've been better. (SS2 went through a rushed production, right?)

But before I share my ideas for a SS2 remake, I think it's fair that I let any of you guys start first.
I'm torn between wanting a complete overhaul of the Von Braun, such that I would be able to explore it anew, and feeling that such a redesign would be an abomination. So, we'll leave that issue alone, and say that I'd like the player's options to be rebalanced.

Exotic Weapons, for example. Cool? Definitely. But they require you to wait until late in the game, pump up your Research/Maintenance skills, track down the finite quantity of beakers with which to manufacture worm clusters, and then accept that, even after all that work, you can't touch robots. Oh yes, and one of your damage settings deals quadruple damage against -you-, so handle with care! Orrr, you could just focus on Standard Weapons and annihilate everything with the assault rifle. I'm not certain there's any plausible change to the game that could truly fix this issue, but it is one of the things that bugs me.

Speaking of things that bug me: there's an OSA guy named Malone. I think there's a log in the cargo bays that says he just got killed by a cyborg, and one on the Rickenbacker that says he died in an explosion. Pick one to be Malone, give the other chump a new name.
I personally would want a new redesign because one of the things that can stop a game being scary is complete familiarization with the maps you explore and knowing what's going to happen in each area. Not just a redesign but an expansion of all the areas with hidden routes, certain areas only accessible with certain abilities and be flexible to allow alternate ways to complete objectives - much like Deus Ex.

There is this grating right above the power charger in that room guarded by two gun turrets in the beginning of the game. Rather than run straight to the ladder and risk getting shot, you could use the wrench to break open that grating and come out the easy way - but the noise you generate could alert nearby enemies. Alternately, if you're being chased and run into a dead end but you luckily find that grating, you could break it open for a quick escape.

I certainly want the places to be more dark, warranting the use of a flashlight or glow stick (It wouldn't be survival horror without it) and any lights that are on can be permanently destroyed, even by the Hybrids who would be smart enough to push a big disadvantage to the player. I also thought of adding air ducts you could use either for an easy get away or as safe shortcuts to wherever you wanna go (as long as you have a special tool or enough ammo to remove the bolts holding the duct gratings) but it would still be risky as either spiders or annelid worms could be creeping in them. So do you risk taking the long way, in dark corridors possibly filled with gun-toting hybrids waiting to ambush you or risk crawling through a vent and risk having a worm plant itself in your face?
I dont want nor do I think SS2 can be remade. It is a great game that has held up well but it isnt a modern game. I enjoy it alot as a 1999 game but I dont think a remake can be nearly as good today. What I think we should be talking about is a new and modern game with the same ambitious design aspirations and love for the setting and mechanics. Im talking about a spiritual successor, a great sci-fi survival adventure with that very particular tone and sense of a real game universe that SS2 has. We need new games with the gusto Irrational had when they poured their heart into it!
Maybe just like Vampire bloodlines : putting back content that has been removed from the final release... Some balance here and there but... Well, I think it's just fine as it is. What makes something a masterpiece is not only its qualities, but also its imperfections. I agree with Sufyan we should just look at the future, building more new games like SS2, what can be improved, how could we bring new ideas and what not. And leave the past where it is.
System Shock 2 doesn't need a remake, it's just fine as it is. The things people want to "upgrade" through a remake are easily fixable with the thousands of mods out there for the game.

A remake of System Shock 1, however, THAT I would welcome.
A completely new ending.
BlackNoise: (SS2 went through a rushed production, right?)
SS2 was designed by a team working in a single 900 square foot room. "Lack of resources" doesn't even begin to describe it.

And today... Bioshock Infinite. Ken Levine, you are a hero.

That's the thing for me- as far as I'm concerned, the Bioshock series (not to mention unrelated titles like Deadspace) kept the idea of System Shock 2 going and that's what is important. Levine's legacy is this kind of interactive story told with visceral action and spikes of adrenaline that you can only get with the immersion of a game. The evolution of both systems and audiences meant each one has been increasingly different, of course, but that just makes waiting to see what comes in the next one more delicious.

On top of that full remakes tailored to new sensibilities and controls often seem to disappoint, although HD conversions can be great. So I don't know if I'd want a remake of System Shock, exactly, especially since it would either take working talent away from a new (Bioshock, god willing) and similar title or it wouldn't be given the treatment it deserves. But I'd certainly take an android or console downloadable HD port of it for a spin with a well-adapted engine.
I don´t want any remake, just System Shock 3, please, with conclusive ending.

I don´t know if Ken Levine would still be up to make a proper sophisticated sequel, or would just dumb down gameplay for consoles, which I don´t want (yes, BioShock is watered-down version of SS2). He and Irrational would be my prime pick for this, for obvious reasons, then CD Projekt Red - because they care what fans want and they know how to deliver it.

Outside of these two, there is no other company I would trust to make a proper SS 3.

By the way, ending is brilliant, it seems people just don´t get it.
To be honest, Bioshock and its sequels are kind of spiritual successors to the System Shock series. I don't really know what could be done to bring it up to modern standards that hasn't already been done with mods.
Bioshock is only really a spiritual successor in that they created a new game universe and tried to shoehorn in the old game design ideas into it, no matter if it makes sense or not. It truly is a bizarre thing to witness. "Well, we know how to make games with vending machines, hackable turrets/cameras and audio logs and damn it we are going to stick with these mechanics until we retire!".
I think it would be cool to see a remake of it.

But just keep it on the PC or would anybody
like to see it on the consoles too w/ PC of

If it is remade, they could give it the scary
environment too. With graphics today,
someone can give it the scary game
feature. I like to see the environment and
the close encounter feeling, like from
Dead Space (the first one). With the lights
flickering, little lights, darkness, ect.

If remade what would you like to see in it?